Vampire Blood Laser

Vampire Blood Laser<br /><br />

This is a love piece, but it also a dark piece.  It is dark love-- the kind that produces a very strong bond between the entity in the piece and the person who hosts it.  It is a mysterious type of love that will most likely captivate you and draw you in.  With that being said, the more that you allow yourself to captivated by the entity in the piece the stronger and stronger your new abilities will become.  Keep in mind, that we have placed an enchantment that will keep anyone-- or anything-- from taking over your body.  <br /><br />

The reason this piece is dark is because it houses an original form sanguine vampire.  His name is Sebastian and he is a blood prince from the third realm of the Underworld.  He rules over six legions of vampires and is more powerful than all of them combined.  This piece is Sebastians existence in the mortal world. <br /><br />

This piece is a vampire blood laser.  It holds the powers of Sebastian, but it also has one power that supercedes Sebastians powers.  It is the ability to identify and call upon any vampire spirit or form.  This piece is a poison ring and to use it, you must open it up and place a few drops of your own blood into the piece. <br /><br /> 

Give the blood time to infuse the piece and activate its powers.  Once this is done, this piece will emit a red laser beam that only you will be able to see.  It will work like a radar detector does, because it will detect of vampire spiritis, forms, entities, souls, and any other form of existence a vampire can take on.  It will lead you too them like a rainbow leads to a pot of gold. <br /><br />

This piece will allow you to put the vampire in a trance, which will allow you to control the vampire and use it for what you will.  You can use this piece for subliminal mind powers, you can use it to extract the vampires powers.  You can use it to find a sexual vampire to have your way with.  The possibilities are really endless. <br /><br />

This piece will also allow you bond with Sebastian.  The deeper your bond with Sebastian becomes, the more his power will be manifested through you and to you.  He will be your companion and if you choose, you can take him as your consort.  He has no gender preference, and will fully satisfy either a male or a female.  You will obtain his black magic powers that are a some of the most powerful in the Underworld. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful.  Steve used this piece and his experience was tremendous.  Not only did he bond with Sebastian, but he used the piece to locate and extract the powers of a second Prince of the Underworld.  He said his experience was amazing!!  Now, his experience can be yours!!   <br /><br />

Vampire Blood Laser
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