Vampire Heart of Auguste

Auguste Delgrange was cornered in a farmhouse when the Catholic Priest and Voodoo Houngan that were chasing him down had finally cornered him.  It was the turn of the 20th Century and there had been an outbreak of vampiric activity in Louisiana, but that can be expected when you have madmen that want to create a world of their own minions.  Anytime that one creates new vampiric life, it has to be done meticulously, because it is so easy for something to go wrong.  When you are dealing with the metaphysical, when there is an oopsy, it is pretty much out of your hands at the point.  You have to wait for time to take its toll on the issue at hand.  Eventually, it will calm down or if it doesn't then people take the matter into their own hands.  This was the case with the vampire breakout.  An unlikely alliance of a Catholic Priest and a Voodoo Houngan took to the street to rid the streets of the unnecessary "evil", as they called it.  They were going to fix the problem or martyr themselves trying.

The strongest of local vampires at the time was one Auguste Delgrange, or so was the name that he went by at the time.  He had been alive since before the creation of the world.  Prior to this he was simply one of those dark spirits floating around in space searching for purpose.  I don't say dark as in evil, because before the light there was nothing.  It was simply darkness.  This is what they were used to.  The lived in the dark and their magic comes from the dark.  It comes from the same source as white magic, it is just comprehended differently; and the fact that they are so used to living in the dark is why original vampires have an issue with existing in the sun now.  Many people interpret this as being sensitive to the sun, which has become a symbol of good, therefore those who hide from the sun must be evil.  Again, vampiric powers are only dual powers.  What one chooses to do with them is their business.  They can be used for white or dark magic and good or evil purposed.  Unfortunately those who were pursuing Auguste didn't really comprehend this; but they were human, so they didn't really comprehend much.  What is there to comprehend in the life of a mortal, besides what they think they should know.  It's quite annoying actually.  People have become so shallow minded. 

So, anyway, this Voodoo Witch Doctor and this Catholic Priest chased him to his breaking point.  They were only able to do this thanks to an imprisonment charm that almost didn't even work.  It was done by the hands of the Voodoo doctor who somehow gathered a genetic trace of Auguste when pursuing him. Like I said, the spell almost didn't work, but the fact that they had him cornered was why it did.  He was not expecting them, as he thought he had led them astray on a false path.  Just goes to prove that one slip up can bring you down and down he came.  A stake was drive through his heart and he was vanquish-- well nearly vanquish.  His mummified heart and the stake that he was killed with remained, with the presence of August being held prisoner in his own heart, without anybody really realizing.  It is safe to say that all of this was unnecessary.  Where the fallacy comes into play that all vampires crave blood I'm not sure.  The reason most of them drink blood in the first place make sense.  Blood holds the lifeline, it is the very essence of the powers at the center of the universe.  DNA is the imprint of these powers.  Skilled vampires are able to synthesize and get the energy they need simply from the powers that enter the universe.  Other, newer vampires drink blood.  I'm not judging but it is kind of the lazy way out if you ask me; but it is what it is. 

August was a very skilled vampire and could gather all the energy that he needed for the night by a single beam of the moon.  He knew the moon cycles and would prepare accordingly.  His murder was no more needed than the creation of all the newborns that started the hunt in the first place; but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.  Things happen that weren't meant to be.  That's why with this piece we are giving August a second chance.  The mummified remains of his heart were kept for awhile, but there were so many duplicates made that nobody really knows which one is the real one.  During an investigation, we came across what we thought was a mere replica, buried outside of a creepy old cemetery in an abandoned coal town in West Virginia.  It as buried with a small cache of treasure that we had been hunting down as per an old map that we received.  The point is, the heart was the original, so I don't know where, if at all, someone is saying they have the original heart of Auguste Delgrange.  If they say this, they are liars. 

WE were able to extract the presence of Auguste from his petrified heart and place him into this necklace, which is also a heart.  The reason we did this was to give his heart a proper burial and also because it's easier to carry around a necklace than a petrified heart.  When you get this piece, you will immediately fell the energy coming from it.  It isn't an uneasy energy at all, which will tell you that Auguste is one of the "good" vampires.  You must place a drop of your own blood in the center of the locket, close the locket and wear it for three days before you will begin to notice anything.  Afterwards Auguste will come to you and share your body.  You will be able to meet each other in your own mind and you will be able to see what he looks like through thoughts and images that he will use to communicate with you.  In turn for allowing him to exist inside of your body, he will give you all the original powers of an original vampire.  This will include increase strength, speak and agility, increased sex drive and stamina with the ability to go longer and to seduce and enchant those who you want to have sex with.  You will be able to open up a full range of psychic abilities including the ability to be able to see into the future, read other peoples thoughts, enter their dreams and control their minds.  You will gain the ability to perform magic that you can source into whatever powers you like such as wealth, love, attraction, alchemy, etc.  This is not a piece you want to let pass you by.  Especially if you are an avid vampire fan like most of our customers. 

Vampire Heart of Auguste
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