Vampire Soul of Hanna

Hanna's Vampire Soul

Meet Hanna. She doesn't take any shit. She never has and she certainly never will. She has always been the in-your-face kind of gal; even before her induction into the ranks of the underworld. She is a very matter-of-fact and power entity. It takes some time to get used to her, but she really isn't all that bad. She just knows how things need to be done and settles for nothing less than the best. She's not opposed to much and will try anything at least once; but if there is one thing that Hannah can't stand it is those cookie-cutter, product-of-a-proud-society type of people. It really just pisses Hanna off. Live a little. Take chances. Dance for the camera. You only live once and then you die-- unless your Hannah. She's eternal. It wasn't her choice, that's just how is was. This is where things get interesting.

The old adage "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" always serves as truth. Unfortunately, for a family who had just moved into their dream home near the small town of Franklin, North Carolina. They were your typical middle class American family. You know-- mom, dad, kids... even a puppy. They had just moved into the house, when really off things began to happen.

Belongings would be rearranged, lights would go out, or the bulbs would pop right after being changed. One time it even began hailing in the kitchen while "mom" was making dinner. After a week or two the mother began having really bad hallucinations of blood on the wall, rotting cadavers in her kitchens, shadowy figures moving in the dark. She thought she was going crazy. The final straw was when the parent's 16 year old daughter saw the reflection of a spirit in her television one night, warning her to leave. She wouldn't sleep for days on end. The doctor gave her sleeping medicine, but it didn't work too effectively.

The family, who wishes to remain anonymous called us in for investigation. Upon arrival, it was immediately detectable that there was some sort of ominous being encompassing the place. Of course, the family couldn't tell because they had about as much paranormal cognisance as box of rocks. When we showed up, the activity surrounding this house was basically knocking on our door and kicking us in the face. We got to work as soon as possible. It was later on in the evening that we had our first encounter with Hanna.

Dee Dee: Somebody is there. I know it, I can feel you. Make yourself known. (silence) I want you to give us a sign that you are here right now. I want you to come forth and manifest yourself to us. (silence) I want you to...

At this Jason's body fell to the floor. It began to writhe silently. As he got up from the floor, his pupils were as wide as saucers. He began to speak in a voice that wasn't his own. It was somebody else... somebody distant. This is how we became familiar with Hannah and her story. With Jason acting as her vessel between her realm and ours, this is what she recounted.

At a very young age, Hannah was neglected. Her parents were both raging alcoholics, as it seems there isn't much else to do in a small rural town. As she grew older, it became much worse. At the age of 13, she actually ended up taking care of her parents more than her parents could take care of her or themselves. She began wearing heavy eyeliner at the age of 14, sneaking out to raves and mingling with some very powerful individuals. She didn't know what she was getting involved in until it was already too late to matter. This isn't to say that what she was doing is wrong, but at the young age of 14, your body is going through a lot of changes-- not the type of changes Hannah's body was going through.

At the age of 15 Hannah met a troubled teen named Rick. At first Rick seemed normal... well, normal to Hannah and her Gothic, black-clothed fashion statement. Although, it wasn't just a fashion statement for Hannah it was expression of soul. This is how she became vulnerable to Rick. What Hannah didn't know is that Rick was actually a young member of a nearby coven of vampires. He wasn't 15 at all. He was actually over 100 years old when they first met, trapped in the body he had when he was transformed. When he told her she didn't even care, she was too far gone to care. What she craved was love; and the power and magic that came along with Rick was just an added bonus.

She made her through reality by escaping it, in her world filled with magic and mysticism of the occult. By the age of 16, she had already sacrificed her parents to the coven. It's not like anybody missed them, if anyone even knew the existed. On her own at the age of 16, her house became a center for occult rituals of vampires, some of whom were thousands of years old. The magic that has been practiced in this house is magic that comes from straight out of the Underworld. The oldest vampire and leader of the coven, along with a couple of others were actually created in the Netherlands and managed to free themselves of the bonds from within. They came to Earth, sharing their magic with weary souls who longed to have a sense of belonging.

Hanna was one of these weary souls. Rick had been too many and many years ago. He saw a lot of himself in her, which is why he recruited her. After several years of becoming close and getting know each other, which took a lot in the sense that Hanna was such a difficult person to read and Rick is over century old, Rick was commissioned by the leaders of his coven to turn Hanna into their newest member. On the night of the ritual which would change Hanna into the living dead forever, something went terribly wrong. Not really sure what happened, but Rick was unable to change her, as he wasn't that experienced in doing it. It was his recruit, however, and his responsibility. It's not like the elders cared... what's another dead human body??

Hanna laid on the floor that night, not really sure what was going to come next. She had already been bitten, but she didn't feel any different and Rick had told her that he needed help from the Elders. Help never came and she could feel herself becoming weak. Eventually, she slipped into a deep sleep and when she awoke she was in a different form. She stood there over her body, watching it as it finally took its last couple breaths. The coven disposed of it, but as for her soul... it was stuck in Limbo because it wasn't her time. Here she has remained for the past couple decades, waiting for someone with the ability to understand her and terrifying the hell out of anyone who attempted to claim her house as their own. After all, she had never really died had she? Well, yes and no.

What she didn't know that we helped her understand is that her soul has been judged and she has been given all of the powers and magic associated with Heaven. God took pity upon her because of her circumstance. She never knew any better and she had been a good person. On the other hand, her soul had been blemished with the mark of darkness upon her attempted transformation. The result is a vampire spirit that is stuck in Limbo between the Underworld and a Better Place. She is a being that possesses both white and dark magic powers. She has both the divination from angelic beings and the dark abilities of the deepest pits of hell. She is technically a vampire, because she has been bitten, but she is also a soul.

In our work with this piece, Hanna has come to accept her circumstance. She has agreed to allow us to transfer her spirit into this piece, so her abilities can be manifested to a worthy person. This piece conjures Hanna, the vampire soul. She will come to you sharing her knowledge of magic with you and giving you her experiences. This is a companion piece and the longer you work with Hanna, the stronger the bond will become and the more powerful you will both become. Although Hanna does display some elements of a dark spirit, she will not ever be able to overcome your existence. We put a spiritual block on it. She wouldn't be interested in it, anyhow. She simply wants to allow someone to manifest her powers and abilities. This someone could be you!!

As for the family, they haven't had problems since we visited them. They were very appreciative of the service that we provided for them, but not as appreciative as we were of the unique powers that had been afforded to us by their house. We have worked with Hanna for a while now and she is ready to be passed on. Take advantage of this truly unique offer before she slips away!!

Vampire Soul of Hanna
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