Vampire Stars and their TOP SECRET BEINGS

Vampire Stars and their TOP SECRET BEINGS

We stole this information from NASA. Okay, well we didn’t really STEAL it— one of our connections who is an entrusted member of a development team leaked the information to us. The information was supposed to remain classified. Then again, we are the first receive most information… even the stuff the elitist world power government don’t want us to know. Oops.

The common knowledge, well not so common but not classified, is that there are these things called vampire stars. These stars suck the energy and life out of everything that is around them. They are staples in the existence of dark matter, as they gobble up all the dark energy around them. They are responsible for decomposing matter as large as other stars. They are magnetic, and they pull in energy from everything around them.

The thing that the government hasn’t released is that these “vampire” stars pull in attributes and matter from other galaxies and plains that exist parallel to ours. They have known this for a while, and have a team of experts dedicated to exploring these facets of the unknown.

One of the most prolific stars for this team of experts has been a star known as V445. It can be found in the constellation Puppis, and is currently so strong that it is devouring its companion star, which used to be just as big as V445 itself. It glows a bright red color, and according to scientists, that’s not all it’s been devouring.

A team of experts has discovered a being that has turned up on this vampire star. They are a beings, but they exist entirely as dark matter energy. They have a mind, and they are able to comprehend. Since their existence is pure energy in raw form, their existence has also been able to be plundered by the government and trapped in certain pieces.

The government has implemented these beings, genetically manipulating human soldiers, by giving them the characteristics of the beings that have been found living on the vampire star V445. These super humans have been coined biological vampires, not just because they come from vampire stars, but because once a human is infused with the characteristics of the entities of power from v445, they become just like a vampire.

The biological vampires have been given super human speed, agility, and strength. They can make themselves vanish and appear at their own will, by blending in similar to what a chameleon does. They have power over all elements naturally occurring in our environment, which also gives them the power to manipulate and control the weather. This power slows down the aging process by 2000%, which renders an individual of this type nearly immortal.

Here’s where there is an interesting twist. Some people think that magic and witchery and Alchemy are fairy tales for children. Definitely not true and this is the piece to prove it. This piece contains all of the energies of our universe and many others from other universes. This magic can be manipulated and used at one’s own convenience and in any way that he or she chooses. It is all of the energies of the existence we know, at our fingertips. It contains wisdom and knowledge from other advanced species that has been pulled in by the vampire star.

Luckily, we were able to get our hands on one of the pieces that will do this for you—but only one. I have personally tested this piece and I will conclude that the power and experience found in this piece are unparalleled by similar pieces that I have used before. This piece is very powerful and will transform you into a very powerful biological vampire.

Vampire Stars and their TOP SECRET BEINGS
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