Vampire Templar

Vampire Templar Jacque de Molay

It was October 13 in the year of 1307.  Jacque de Molay sat in his study holding council with his closest confidants.  He received a message of several edicts that were decreed.  One was an order from the King to arrest anyone accused of taking part in Templaristic activity.  The other was from the Pope, issuing the exact same order.  He wasn't worried about the fact that the entire world basically just declared war on him.  He was more alarmed at the fact of his knowledge falling into the wrong hands.   It wasn't meant for others who had no way to fully understand the powers he had.  He had a assemble a group of strong minded individuals to understand and guard his power.  They were the knights Templar. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of things, the King and the Holy See resented the newly aligned and secret society of Templar Knights.  Not only had they become wealthy bankers, the King and Pope owed debts to the Knights Templar, which they never intended to repay.  What better way to illegitimize their debts by accusing the Knights Templar of Heresy.  Additionally, they higher ranks knew that there was a deep secret that the Knights Templar was holding from their knowledge.  Who were these knights?  What right had they to keep secrets?  It angered them and they grew increasingly envious, until they could no longer take it anymore, issuing edicts that Templar Knights were guilty of Heresy to the Throne of God. 

It turned into a witch hunt.  They would torture the people they accused of being part of the Knights Templar, getting them to admit to "crimes" such as spitting on the Cross, worshipping false gods, worshipping the Devil, homosexuality, and sodomy.  The cold hard truth is that these people, if they even were Templars, never committed the crimes they were forced into confession.  They merely admitted to doing these things for an end to prosecution and torture-- martyring themselves for the Templar cause. 

Jacques secret?  A way to invoke immortal knowledge-- a way to beat God's plan for the rest of the world.  It is a gift that was given to him by the immortals.  It is a knowledge that put him on top-- wealth, money, fame, power-- they are all his in epic proportion.  He has a special magic that could manipulate the very basis for all things living and non-living.  It can rival the very powers of God. 

Jacques can create, extinguish, manipulate, change, alter anything at the mention of a word.  He can change the course of history simply by speaking it into existence.  He can control time... his powers are the very key to opening of the portal of time, during which all time stands still and he can control and edit as he pleased.  He can see all things.  He knows all things.  His powers are neither good nor evil; they are just energy from an alternate reality that he had seen during the crusade in which Jerusalem was lost and he withdrew his trooops because he was sucked through a quantum portal, during which he was given his powers and he saw utter defeat.  His powers come from the realm of the immortal-- the sleepless ones.  He is an original non-sanguine, pure-existence vampire without the perversion of evil or dark powers.  He isn't like any other being you have ever experienced. 

Jacques allowed the authorities to catch, publicly ridicule, and prosecute his mortal vessel.  They prosecuted him on the basis that he was a heretic, while the real basis for their foundations is that although they didn't know what his powers were, they knew it would rock the foundations of Christianity as they knew it.  The Pope would have it destroyed, had they been able to find the source of the power, because the Pope wanted to remain supreme commander of a centralized Relgion/Government. 

Silly humans!!  They are so dumb sometimes.  They didn't realize that Jacques was the power.  There was no secret stone or crystal that was holding the power for him.  Jacques was the heavily guarded secret.  When the executed the mortal Jacques, the spiritual Jacques lived on.  Again... dumb humans.  Jacques has since lived on, passing on his spiritual powers to others. 

We found a medium who was in contact with Jacques.  Imagine how excited we were-- and with good reason.  You know, the Knights Templar still exist today; but the core of their existence-- Jacques and his vampiric form are hard as hell to catch.  Until now, we have never had a piece like this.  At first it merely contained a fragment of Jacques' soul.  However, over time we watched this piece metamorphosize and grow.  It has since replicated and reproduced an entire second copy of Jacques' vampire, spiritual existence.  It's a clone of the original.  Exactly the same.  Just as powerful. 

Jacques' clone is now for sale.  It is seriously one of thee most powerful pieces I've ever encountered.  I'd say top three.  There's no reason you wouldn't want to own this piece, so I'm not going to repeat all the reasons that you do.  Just know that this piece is the real deal.  It will give you the ultimate power rush and will put you on par with the most practiced of Templar magicians.        

Vampire Templar
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