Vampiress From the Italian Vampire Grave

Unearthing the Vampire Grave

In 2009, the world of archaeology was rocked when the discovery of a vampire grave was found in Venice Italy.  People are still in an uproar over this finding and many have dismissed the findings, because they are too afraid of defying science to admit the inevitable-- that vampires exist.

Here at Haunted Curiosities, we know that vampires exist and have existed for milennia.  Mainstream society, however, is full of skeptics that tell the masses that their is nothing under their beds.  The fact of the matter is that this particular tomb is overwhelming and substantial proof vampires exist.  It's slapping scientiests right in the face and they don't want to acknowledge it.  That's okay though, because that's more of the medieval energy to go around for those who know the existence of vampires, such as those who work for Haunted Curiosities and its customers!! 

The grave itself is from the 16th Century, when an outbreak of plague-- well, plagued the world.   Their dead were buried en masse in obscure places to prevent the potential spread of the plague, and this is one of these graves.  However, more was found in this particular grave. 

The skeleton of a female vampire was found, with a brick jammed in her mouth and stakes holding her body to the ground.  You see, vampires would often travel to mass graves for easy feeding.  When she was encountered feasting on the dead body of the plague victims, she was tricked into captivity and killed by brooding 16th Century vampire slayers, who insisted they discovered vampires and that vampires were going to be the downfall of mankind.  Little did these peons to existence known that vampires are highly intelligent beings and have existed since the beginning of time. 

The vampire was laid to rest with the plague victims to mock the fact that she was captured and to ward off any future vampire activity.  She is not the only one that was found, either.  Others were found, but we are simply going to focus on her, because of the nature of her existence. 

Of course, when we caught wind of what was going on in Venice, we wanted to be part of the action, so we sent in one of our professional connections.  He was able to secure the following item for us.  It is a gemstone from the female vampires cloak that has been placed in this item. 

Using this item we were able to summon her spirit and infuse it in the item.  Turns out that she is a 16th century vampire princess from what we now know as the balkan region.  When she appeared to me during our testing of this item, she appeared as olive toned with beautiful, entrancing, brown eyes.  She spoke with an accent that indicated that she might be Hungarian or Slovakian or something along those lines.  She escaped a life of interminable royalty boredom to explore the wild side of life a few centuries before she was vanquished.  She was changed during an escapade with a man she fell in love with.  

What this piece will do for you is bring you the spirit of the Vampiress Princess.  You will gain her powers of the royal bloodline, which will bring you wealth and nobility.  You will also gain full powers of a sangquine vampire, minus the need for blood, because we have manipulated her existence slightly to irradicate the need for it.  You will gain her ability to entrance and captivate, along with an opening of the third eye so you can communicate with her telekinetically and psychically.  This vampire is in her spiritual form, so she will bond with you, effectively making this piece a companion piece as well.  She will be loyal to you and will protect you on both the physical and spiritual front. 

This multifaceted vampire spirit is an all-in-one solution to your vampiric desires.  Why not indulge??   


This item is Sterling Silver, real pearl, and a blood red garnet!!  It is a beautiful ring!! 

Vampiress From the Italian Vampire Grave
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