Vampiric Power Piece #1

This ring was actually cut off of a male Vampire named Follwan ---he was noted as the leader of a vampire cult that gathered in the woods to unite forces to take over humans on Earth. He was later demolished by a stake in the heart from a man who came across the cult when they were meeting one night.

The man lived in a cabin in the backwoods and saw a fire and went to investigate, when he came across the gang he intently listened and heard of their plans... he realized that they were vampires and went home and gathered weapons to try and ward them off the wooded land. He got a pointed garden stake and wore garlic around his neck... he returned to only find one vampire remained; it was Follwan. The man approached Follwan and they struggled... the man thrust the pointed stake into Follwans heart and as he fell he lashed forward and bit the man. The man did not die, he got up and he took this ring as a souvenir. The man later realized that he had been bitten and was integrated to turn into a vampire.

The man was wearing this ring when he decided he didn't want to be a vampire and before the full transformation he killed himself... this ring was cut off the man and was sent to his only living relative, an Uncle in Michigan, who kept the ring in a box for a few years before pawning it. The piece is very powerful and holds the spirit of Follwan... he will bring you the privilege to transform fully to a vampire, if you so wish. The leadership skills and knowledge of the backwoods and powers will be relinquished to the person who bonds and respects the ring and its powers.

Vampiric Power Piece #1
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