Vampiric Power Piece #3

This is a pendant that belonged to a sorcerer who would emit sensations and spells to call upon vampires to pull their powers. This piece would entrap the spirits within the stone and pull powers that will be released when called upon.

We have no idea how many powers are inside this piece, but it was tested by 3 different staff members, each who encountered a separate vampire!

What you do is write down what you desire on a piece of paper and place it inside the locket... you will then start to charge your spirit with the energies from the stone and will release the ability upon yourself if it is trapped. Many vampires hold several extreme powers, so you will most likely be able to ensure that what you wish will be relinquished to you.

This piece is not real gold, but the value is held within the powers inside the piece!
Vampiric Power Piece #3
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