Vampiric Power Piece #4

This power piece is a pin that holds three specific powers inside of it. It holds the ability to allow you to mesmerize someone with your eyes... this will enable you to project mind controlling powers upon them, you also will ensure that you will be awakened when you are being threatened --- this is something that most vampires sometimes do not hold... they awaken when it is too late... you will feel energy to awaken fully to protect yourself if ever under attack; and you also will have the power to connect and hold a human servant.

The potential of this piece is amazing... the human servant will come to you and you can utilize them as your decryption tool in this world. You will be able to gain knowledge and live out needed prosperities using your servant to protect your identity. The roses are embedded and will release the abilities to you once you are bonded with this piece.

Vampiric Power Piece #4
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