Vampiric Transverse

Vampiric Transverse

The following piece I picked up at a convention in the wilderness of South Dakota. The convention was held by a group of paranormalists and they had many pieces available. I love finding new, intriguing things for you guys, so I am excited to let you know that I picked up several of the pieces that are known as Vampiric Transverses.

Each of the pieces that you see come from an original 1900s vampire slayer. They are enchanted with a special white light magic that will allure the presence of many different types of vampires. The vampires will come to you, but do not worry, because the spell was written in a way that will not allow any undead creature to harm you. You will be given the ability of power reversal so when these vampires reveal themselves to you, you can do one of two things. You can steal all of their powers for yourself. Or, you can warp the mind of the vampire and make it your unconditional slave, making it perform whatever function you desire.

Additionally, this piece in infused with an ability known as portal jumping and power absorption. You will be able to travel between the realms of Earth and the underworld, unconditionally and as frequently as you wish. You can use your power absorption abilities to acquire the powers of the spirits, souls, and other entities you will find along your way.

Each of these pieces have been tested and they will work as described. Reserve your piece now, because they are sure to be a hot item.

Vampiric Transverse
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