Varro 1220

I present before you an extremely rare set of items. These have been kept together and passed down through generations, not just because of there beauty, but also because of the pure power and significance that they hold.

Geneve Bodine was the original owner of this set of earrings and broach. Included also are two pictures of her as she was in the 1800's in which you can see that she is wearing them. Geneve was, what is most commonly called, a Drifter Witch or a Timeless One. She descended from a long line of Drifters and had lived many lives over centuries. Unbound by time, they live normal lives able to experience all of what God has granted upon us, love, marriage, children. Everything save one. Death. Recreation is how they survive and move forward, passing over their possessions to their children and converting them in to Drifters. One melds together with the other in perfect alchemy growing stronger and altering their appearance. This is the only way to keep the secrets and the soul alive and timeless. Mortal Immortality.

In 1942 her name was Catherine Frenue and she had a child named Jeanette. This is significant because Jeanette refused to become a Timeless one. Catherine had always taught her children the truth and importance of the generational gift. This time the unexpected had occurred. Jeanette married, had a son and never told him of the passing. She only wanted a normal life. Her relatives watched her grow old but, it's secret was kept, and ended with her the bloodline of Drifters. She left all family information, the jewelry and the photos to her son who did not at all know what to make of such claims. He did do some research on what she had left him and was intrigued by what he was finding, however, deep down he feared that his Mother may have been mad. Not having been raised to understand his bloodline, it all seemed impossible. His fears grew when he started having dreams about his Grandmother and the woman seen in the photographs who were desperately trying to communicate, and help him use the items. At this moment he feared that he too could be going mad. Not wanting to explore what he feared, he sold the items to a collector and it ended once and forever.

These items hold the power of all magic's, all times, all dimensions, and creatures personal abilities and powers. Angelic beings speak through this, as well as devils if you so decide to use it that way. All is open, all that has been, is here to access. The Drifter bloodline in spirit is accessible and many have conversed with Geneve. With this item you can say I want to be famous and you will be, no bad karma, no nothing, lives will be altered and it will be done.

As you can see by my photographs, the pictures of Geneve are pristine, as well as her precious jewelry. All have been kept together and kept in safety. This is one of the only collections I have with such power, provenance and condition. It is by all means a crown jewel. The brooch and earrings are 15k gold with Almandine Garnets of beautiful brilliance. The photographs are clean and clear and radiate with the essence of the last of that line of Timeless ones.
Varro 1220
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