Varro 223

Varro 223

I am offering in celebration of our grand opening a collection of 5 old anatomy drawings from the 1800's at a special price. There will be 5 separate offerings for you to choose from, each shown with its specific drawing.

All with extraordinary power.

These drawings were owned by Dr. Clitius Swytinicom, a medical doctor with a deep interest for the occult. Through his studies of occult magic he discovered a way to make the paper of these drawings alive, and in doing so he opened a gateway to the energy of the entire human body. Each one of these drawings heal or destroy a specific area of the body depending on the intentions of the user and can be used by anyone.

As you can see each section is very intricately drawn in fine detail and some have small pin holes on them where he used them in his practice. There is a special pin that charges the areas, and two pins, one for good and one for bad.

This is NOT voodoo but something far greater and mostly unknown to all but a few.

This listing is for the drawing that shows the entire skeletal system.
Varro 223
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