Varro 4043

A most impressive piece coming from the mine of Golconda in India. Taken from the forehead of the great Goddess Sita which held the Hope Diamond as the left eye. The Hope Diamond at one time weighing over 100 karats was the left hand path,a ride into darkness for those who did not know how to utilize it's power.

This stone removed by Tavernier was the center of the forehead holding not only the full powers of the universe but power to do prodigious works.

The secret to the idol was knowing which stone did what. Acquiring a piece of the forehead did everything the left eye did not do. A curse on the Hope Diamond meant phenomenal unearthly supernatural magic from the forehead stone.

The two skulls on each side are a meaning of to supersede and suspend death. This allows you to obtain all power of the dead. This allows you to travel inside the souls of others to gain fame,fortune,endowment of the occult arts,strength and skill of all dimensional senses.

There is no other stone that exists with this dynamism as it was given to a God and made for a God.
Varro 4043
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