Vigil Candle Service-- 13 Days

Rootworking is an ancient form of Magic, combining Prayer and Herbs. I work directly with the Saints and Spirit World to bring my clients relief and success. I have a hereditary lineage of European rootworking, and have spent the better part of the past 25 years incorporating traditional Hoodoo into my practice. There are many rootworkers to be found across the internet. DeeDee has asked me here because of my skill and ethics. Those that need my services will feel a calling to work with me. It is crucial that you follow my instructions prior to ordering in the shop. I will offer these services to you: - ritual vigil candle (5 day working) - ritual vigil candle (13 day working) - ritual vigil candle with sweetener (7 day working) - ritual vigil candle with sweetener (13 day working) - ritual to Santisima Muerte - St. Expedite These services are for the areas of Love, Finances, Healing. I will not do dark workings.

Payment is expected promptly, because I will begin working for you immediately. VIGIL CANDLE SERVICE, the setting of LIGHTS Vigil candles have been used for hundreds of years and are an incredibly powerful form of Magic. Properly done, they can be a powerhouse ritual to manifest your desire. This is a potent and ancient form of magic. Specifically for your need, and tailored to you, I will create a candle. This I will prepare using traditional herbs, oils, charms, and ritual prayer. I may ask for a photograph. Your petition will be offered, and your candle and need will be worked powerfully for the number of days you choose. Longer workings will use several candles and rituals. I do not work them once and leave them be, as is the practice of those less ethical. I work my altars many times a day. This service is chosen by those that are unable for various reasons to do the workings themselves, or wish for a skilled practitioner to do the work for them. You may choose: Healing: all aspects, physical and emotional. Finances Love: matters of the heart, family, friends, bringing a new love, gaining the attention of someone specific, passion and lust. (I do not offer a vigil candle service for reconciliations. If you wish a reconciliation ritual done, please see the Santisima Muerte listing).

** After placing this item in your cart, at checkout there will be a location for special instructions... this is where you will want to state what you would like to choose to be done for you. Your needs will be met according to your requests and instructions!

Vigil Candle Service-- 13 Days
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