Villa of the Papyri

Before you read here are a few of the things you will learn but by no means is this the extent of it all.


Principles of Deleuze, Alchemy Metallic Transmutation Affinity, Magical Forms and Ceremonies.Spirit Mysteries and so much more.


When Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79, it pretty much destroyed everything that it touched.  Most notable, it took out the entire city of Pompeii.  That's a serious volcano!  One lesser known, but equally if not more important structure that was taken out in the volcano was once known as the Villa of the Papyri.  The Villa was located in what was once known as Herculaneum, one of several Roman cities that were taken out when the volcano blasted its lava.  The Villa was once one of the most prominent libraries in the world, rivaling even that of the Library in Alexandria, Egypt.  The papyri have been being deciphered-- or should I say people have attempted to decipher them-- since the 1750s.  However, these attempts have not been so successful due to the fact that the material that was used to write with was a mixture ofcharchoal and gum.  You can see where these thing would mix so well together with lava and ash.  

However, there are some 700 scrolls that remain to be read, believed to contain secret teachings from philosophers of the time, most notably one Philodemus.  He was a student of mystery schools and had a mind on him as sharp a double edged sword.  Not much is known about what he had to say, though.  Although the scrolls have been preserved they have been impossible to read, given that if they are even as much as touched by a human hand they will be ruined.  The fact that they were preserved in volcanic ash all these years-- nearly twomillennia-- is pretty incredible in and of itself.  

These pieces were made a group of investigators, when we decided to take a different approach to deciphering the scrolls.  Rather than open the scrolls up, why not bring them to life?  We were able to pull the information from the 700 some scrolls being held in Naples and place the information into this collection of items.  When you use one of these items, you will gain the ability to use your third eye to see into the scrolls of the Philodemus the Philosopher.  What does this mean to you?  This means you will be given the ability to psychically project the scrolls in the walls of your brain, like a holographic compartment that will come alive for you and only you.  You will be able to see all the inscriptions from the scrolls of Philodemus.  This will open your mind to the magic of Philodemus that he both learned and taught in mystery schools.  Mostly this is physical and spiritual alchemy that will allow you to use the properties and energy of the universe to create your own magic-- whatever type of magic that might be!

I only got two of these and both are for men. One is a size 10 and the other is an 11 or 11 and a half. They are both in sterling. These will translate as you watch and learn the magic,it will be in your own language. When you use these you are taught a lot of different magical ways that even I have not heard of. I myself learned quite a bit so I knowyou all will be stunned. Once you learn it and it is easy because it gets planted in you,you no longer need the ring.
Villa of the Papyri
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