Vision Ball SW

This is a vision Ball, its sterling silver and very easy to use. You can use it as a pendulum to communicate with your spirits but the Best feature is that you can actually see the spirit you are talking to can call the one you want and know that you have the right one.

You WILL see your spirits in the ball which is big enough to give you a full view. You also have the option of requesting a protection shield be placed on the ball so that only good spirits come through. The chime allows for the spirits to hear you and come to you because of the frequency of the sound.

For some of you that have problems seeing your spirits this is a way for you to tell who it is that you are talking to. It is also very useful for those going on investigations, you will be able to see any spirits around you and be able to talk with those spirits. This is a great item for the beginner or advanced person! This is the only one I have like this go get it while you can, I can’t promise to have anything like it again.
Vision Ball SW
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