VooDoo for the Ages

Voodoo is probably one the world's most mysterious types of magic.  It takes a lot of practice in order to be able to completely fulfill whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.  It you aren't so practiced, then your energies might not be channeled properly.  Fortunately, we have seen Voodoo magic come and go so many times that we have just become accustomer to it.  This came from our most previous tripe to New Orleans, we just forgot to put it on.  It is actually a real simple little piece that brings a lot of power.  Deedee and I got it while we were out shopping some of the lesser known venues in New Orleans on the side streets off of Burbon.  We like to visit these little types of stores, because they aren't so hokey and touristy.  We don't really care for that kind of stuff.  Sure some of it can be neat looking, but most of it brings no power.  With that being said, we often times go for the kind of stuff that people don't go for, because they think that VooDoo isn't real, simply because Christianity have been so vigorously touted in the United States of American. 

Anyway, this piece came from a man whose shop we visited.  His name was Jean Fracois and that is as little an as much as we can tell you about him.  We perused his shop for a few hours, because he had bins full of stuff that tickled our fancy.  We have listed most of the things that we got from him and we are still working on a few of the items. This is one that somebody had us hold for them, but they never paid up.  This reminds me that if we are holding something for you, it would be a good idea to make sure it gets paid off.  So, we are relisting this item.  To use this piece you must have your own VooDoo doll.  They are pretty easy to make, so if you don't know how to make one already and you can't ahold of one that is pre-made, then you might wat to do a web search for it.  Again, any VooDoo doll will work.  Like I mentioned before, a lot of times people are missing the magic with VooDoo because their powers are sufficient enough to be able to make it work.  With this piece you don't have to worry about that because it does all the magic for you.  All you have to do is pin the VooDoll. After you pin the VooDoo doll, you must state your intentions and upon whom your intentions lie.  It could be yourself, or another person.

This VooDoo doll has several charms on it, and for each charm or group of charms there is a separate power.  They are all very powerful and as long as you follow my instructions above, will work for you ever time.  I guarantee it.  Without further ado, here are the powers you will gain with this pin. 

- The four leaf clover with the gem in the middle will bring you unprecedented luck.  I'm talking about the type of luck that will make everything go your way, settle all your problems and bring things you can't even imagine into your life or the life of whom you state your intentions for. 

-  There are four colored hearts on the pin.  They are lavendar, light blue, pink and green.   The represent the four eosteric values of love.  These are loyalty, trust, respect, and emotion.  They will help you to do several things.  You can use them to put somebody under the spell of your love, as long you truly love that person.  You can use it to make yourself fall in love with somebody.  You can use it to bring random true love into your life, via seeing through the intentions of those around you.  Finally, you can use this power to develop true, meaningful frienships, because it will allow you, again, to see through the intentions of those around you and who they really are.  Again, you can use these intentions for someone else as well, whereby they will get the powers or you can use it as a love spell to help two people fall in love.  

-  The money bag is kind of obvious.  It will bring you windfall, the very definition of which is a piece of unexpected good fortune involving a large some of money.  Basically, it will bring you massive amounts of wealth. 

- The flower and clamshell represent the powers of who is the great guardian and mother of the sea who brings message from beyond.  This will help you clear your mind to channel spirits and souls from the other side.  You can use this in the following way.  When stating your intentions you can pin the VooDoo doll and call out the name of the spirit, soul, or being that you wish to conjure.  They will come to you and show themselves to you in full form. 

-  Finally, the golden heart with the key in the middle is the ability to soften the heart to embrace the powers of VooDoo all around you.  It comes with a key that will bring you secrets of the VooDoo magic that exists in energetic form in all the naturally occuring elements around you.  It will bring you the secrets of the elements and give you a wealth of magic that you will be able to use in your daily life. 

This piece has stood the test of time.  It is very powerful and will bring you VooDoo for the ages!  

VooDoo for the Ages
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