Voodoo Craziness

This Voodoo doll arrived at the office this week. It was left on the back door handle, in a Subway bag. We were unsure what we received and took caution when opening the mystery bag.

We opened it to find a letter entailing that this doll that depicts the words Kill Larry on it was found behind Larry's bed... Larry is very ill and has been bedridden for months.

His Ex-wife, Karen was into Black Witch Magic and fortified this doll to implement its spell upon the person who visions are focused upon. Now that we have the piece the doll has been cleansed of the Larry spell, but holds the power to progress intent upon someone new.

You can purchase this piece and cast your desires within it upon the person you want to embed the spells of empowered voodoo upon!

You will gather more info. with purchase!

Voodoo Craziness
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