The Invisible, Crystal Pyramids that are in the sky are often times located over the Orient, in the countries of China and Japan.  Other times, they can be found over countries such as Germany and Russia.  It just depends on the timing.  Those mediums who have been fortunate enough to experience the raw power source of the floating crystal pyramids in the sky have told about life-chaging experiences.  Those mediums, however, are few and far between, as these powers are pretty elusive.  There haven't been any documented cases of anybody entering the pyramids, other than the ones we are aware of and those were all Haunted Curiosities personnel or those working on our behalf.<br /><br />

The Crystal Pyramid is the epicenter of all magic that exists within the human realm.  It governs all the magic that is practiced on Earth and has the ability to discontinue, change, or modify any powers that exist.  It also contains the necessary invocation that anybody will need to create a new power of their own.  It is the ultimate power source.  We were able to enter the pyramid during one of our time travels to the year 6042.  It is one of the many realms that are able to be visited by first traveling to the future.<br /><br />
Inside of the crystal pyramid, our souls were rejuvenated.  It felt like we could fly and never get tired, as if we left our mortal bodies behind us.  Floating around the Crystal Pyramid were all these crystal orbs of power.  When the light hit these orbs, the colors would change and we got visions of what each power orb holds.  We picked out two distinct crystal orbs, which held a special and powerful correlation to the crystal pyramids.  They are the orbs that we took from the crystal pyramid to make this piece.  <br /><br />
This item was made during our third travel to the year 6042.  It was made by a sorcerer and brought back with us.  On the top of the wand is a circular pyramid, worked out of a piece of crystal from the crystal pyramid.  On the opposite side of the wand is a crystal thought form from, that allows your mind to telepathically connect to the floating pyramids.  The shaft that joins the two mystic, powerful pieces of crystal is copper, which is highly conducive in the scope of the magical realm.  The crystals are so powerful, that they feed power into one another via the copper shaft.  The power is circulated and the piece is gradually making itself more powerful. <br /><br /> 
With this piece, you will have a direct connection to the Crystal Pyramid.  You can use the power inside of the wand to connect to the crystals in the Crystal Pyramid.  With this ability, you can pull any and all powers from the crystal pyramid to use them as your own.  You will exhibit the ability to create your very own powers.  The powers in this wand are unmatched and unparalleled.  This magic the basis for all powers of the universe and this piece is very powerful!!     <br /><br />
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