Washington Freemasons

New Jersey is home to some epic paranormal activity. Perhaps its because it is one of the oldest states in the nation. Perhaps, it because it is also the home of battles as epic as its paranormal notoriety. Whatever the case, being the New Jersey is our neighboring state, it wasn't that far of a drive to make when we first became interested in a little town dubbed the “Community of Caring”-- that is, Morris Plains New Jersey.

This little town caught our interest after we heard some stories about a place that goes by the name of 300 Steps. Not so original, I know, but what the heck are 300 stone steps even doing in the woods of New Jersey? It seemed odd enough to me and worth every minute of the investigation that was planned. What I didn't plan on is coming back with answers that not even the history books can teach.

In all actuality, little is known about these steps to begin with, so when I say history books, what I really mean is word of mouth that circulates amongst the legend of the locals. Even the, there is little to be known, and the location of the 300 steps proves to be as mysterious as why they are there in the first place.

One account that I took into serious consideration was that the steps were constructed by George Washington as a lookout on the British. On that whim, I took off into the woods, where after some extensive exploration and an old-fashioned map, I found the steps. Now, I'm not going to lie and tell you them that I counted the steps, but there are an awful lot of them. They zigzag up the mountainside and the view from the top of the mountainside staircase is pretty impressive.

Content with the fact that I had found the formation in the first place, I intended to leave it at that. I didn't have enough people for a proper investigation, anyhow. As I descended the stairs, however, a gleam of sunlight blinded me for a second and I nearly lost my balance and fell. The only thing that seemed a bit out of place was that the sun was to my back.

I look around through rocks, brush, and debris, and finally found my culprit. It was a very mysterious crystalline type of rock. It definitely had not been there on my way up, because I would have noticed something of its color; I mean, it stuck out like a soar thumb. Asides from the I had an immense psychic connection to the piece that I most certainly didn't encounter on the way up.

With that being said, this piece obviously had manifested its self to me, so I picked it up. It shots visions through my head-- visions of an earlier time in America when people actually worked for their food and fought to secure the freedom of what would become the United States of America.

I watched, in third person, as the stairs were built. I watched as their deliberate zigzag pattern was fashioned and crafted. People were working hard production when I whisked away to a separate place where I heard men in concentrated dialogue about what they were going to do, “Supposing the British came this way or that...”. I got so into the conversation that I dropped the piece in my hand. When I did I immediately returned to my prior surroundings.

Excitedly, I brought the piece back to headquarters with me, where we ran several tests. The piece was elusive, but we finally found out that this piece was a product of secret alchemy that was going on in America since before Colonial times. It is a combination of Native American magic and magic that was brought over to America from Europe. It is a combination of the power of natures elements and pure sorcery.

Keeping this in mind, this piece is very powerful. It is this blended power that George Washington used to establish his Freemasonry. His Freemasons' main objective? To guard the power and see that America becomes a very powerful and exuberant nation.

We kept the original alchemy stone, but transposed its powers into the piece that you see below. This piece will give you the blended power of the Washington Freemasons. It will give you the ability to travel back into time and see all of the events that have unfolded to create America. You will be surprised to discover some of the people in the Freemasons-- Abraham Lincoln, Noah Webster, Teddy Roosevelt, just to name a few.

This piece is exclusive, and although its power, which has been handed down from generation to new generation, is exploited by some present-day mainstream politicians (ahem, Barrack Obama), you can do quite a bit of good with this power. It is all white power and will give you the power to perform the magic that found the United States of America and allowed a fledgling army to beat the greatest army in the at the time, that being the British Red Coats. You will experience an abundance of wealth and well being, mental elevation, and spiritual enhancement, in addition to the powers and abilities you receive.

As I see it, this piece should be extremely coveted. It is very powerful, tells a story, and will help you along your road of magical enhancement and destiny. It has been tested and proven. The only thing that awaits is your decision to make this item yours. Do it today, you will NOT be disappointed.

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