he best way I can describe the being that is roused by this piece is to call him a sprite.  This isn't to say that it is any kind of fairy or an entity like that. He is much more powerful than that.  I guess you can say he is kind of like a spirit, but not the spirit of anything that has ever been living.  He is the maker of all ideas that lead to wealth.  He is about five or six inches tall and he weighs less than the human soul, meaning that he could be sitting on your should right now and you wouldn't even know about it.  
Before I move on, it's time for a history lesson.  Many of you know the name John D Rockefeller, but do you really know the name??  Rockefeller found Standard Oil after realizing how important it was going to be to the industrialization of America.  He revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy.  Without getting into all the boring details, he once controlled 1.5% of the entire economy of the United States of America, making him the richest man in U.S. history and the first billionaire in United States History.  Adjusted for inflation, at his death his fortune alone (not including the value and worth of his businesses) was $336 Billion. 
Now, some might say that Rockefeller was a lucky man.  Some could say that he was a cunning man, who was good at making business proposition.  However, what people don't know about Rockefeller is that he had a little supernatural help.  This help came from none other than the sprite that I am telling you about. Nobody seems to know where this sprite has come from.  It could be a godsend or it could be a creature from another dimension. Perhaps Rockefeller himself conjured the sprite.  He and his family were into magic and occult practices.  Whatever the case may be this sprite has readily told us that he is the one who provided good old Johny Boy with the magic that allowed him to become as rich as had become.  It is what allowed his legacy to live on.  It is this magic that provided him with wealth that would provide for his descendants and make them relevant even to this very post-modern age.  
Again, we don't have a name for this being and we don't know where he came from.  In fact, the only that we do know about him is that he sits on the shoulder of those that own him.  He once sat on the shoulder of first lady, Jackie Kennedy.  She once sat on the should of music magnate Simon Powell.  He was there to pave the way for plenty of singers rich, including Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lee Lewis.  The fact is, that he has been either summoned or passed around to many different people that you would recognize.  He has made each and every one of these people filthy rich.  This is what he is going to do for you.  
When you wear this piece, this sprite will sit on you shoulder.  You won't be able to see him, but you should know that he there.  If he does decided to show himself to you, then consider yourself privilege because this is pretty rare.  Either way, he will sit on your shoulder and whisper subliminal things into your ears.  These things will become anything from thoughts to visions to creative ideas to entrepreneurial spirit.  Either way, it will tell your subconscious what it needs to in order to become filthy rich.  The rest of your body will correspond to your subconscious mind and you will find yourself making new decisions for your life that will bring wealth to you.  Whether this sprite gives you the constant nagging to go play at a casino, or he gives you the right words to say during a business proposal, or he tells you to play a lottery ticket, or he gives you a new idea for a business or a business your currently have, this piece will work.  He is known to bring wealth in the most unconventional ways, too.  Please take note.  For instance, during testing this piece, a friend that I have who has always been a little freaky, decided that she was going to start up her own sex-talk hotline.  You'd be surprised the amount of people are into that stuff and what they are willing to pay.  Needless to say, my friend has quit both of her jobs that she was working to support her family and only has to do the one.  She now has girls working for her and she barely needs to do any work.  She went from poverty level to being able to afford to drive around in a brand-new Escalade, buy a new four bedroom home, and send her kids to private school.  Now, what are you waiting for?  The endless possibilities of wealth are in front of you.  with this piece, wealth becomes you!  
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