This piece kind of caught me off guard.  It's not that I'm not used to oddities and finding them in the most random types of ways.  It's just they don't normally fall right into my lap without as much of a bat of an eyebrow.  I had no idea, when this piece was given to me what it entailed.  In fact, when I was first offered the item, I blatantly refused the item.  I told the gentleman that gave it to me that he should keep it, because obviously it has more worth to him than it ever would me.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  It happens that way sometimes, which is probably why the old man sent me off with a smile.  He knew what he had done in cleverly designing the situation. 

You see, sometimes rich people don't always use their power and influence to control the masses, although most of them do.  Some of them are completely content to live their life on the outside of the corruption caused by the top dogs.  They are, by blood, part of the corruption, but they escape and try to incorporate themselves into society by living normal by a disguised normal means.  For those of you who don't know me well, aside from working with Deedee and doing my part time gig at a nearby electronics store, I also spend a portion of my time serving on a committee that is at the helm of a volunteer organization in my hometown.  We put together Christmas dinners for people, deliver meals to seniors, patrol the streets on Halloween night.  You know, those "good neighborly" types of things. Yes, there are some good people left in the world.  Granted most of them have been fed bullcrap lies by the government, who tell them that volunteering their time to a good cause will make a difference.  I mean, it will on a small scale.  There is no way the good will of even a million people is going to outsmart the web of corruption that rules the world, but what are you going to do?

Here's the thing.  I came into contact with a man.  I'm not even really sure who he is until this day.  He showed up at one of the volunteer sights one day.  We were packing lunches and distributing them on the playgrounds of a local ghetto.   Previously, I had though that the man was sent over by one of my volunteer colleagues.  He even had a name tag on that said, "Hi my name is Ernest."  After checking with all of my partners later, I can ascertain that nobody else knew who Ernest was, either.  It shall remain a mystery forever, unless he decides to make a second appearance.  Either way, Ernest and I distributed lunches to the children for the better part of the afternoon.  By the early part of the evening I was exhausted, but none the less told Earnest that we had to wrap it up, because I had to leave for my job.  We then got onto the subject of working and the economy.  I explained to him what I did for HC, but told him that refrain from keeping the wealth pieces because its my job to provide the pieces, not keep them.  We talked about the struggle of keeping two jobs, plus volunteering my time.  At the end of our "shift" he handed me something.  It was the piece that is listed here.  I first refused, telling him that I couldn't accept it.  I mean, I had just met the man.  Besides, I had no clue what I was going to do with it.  He insisted, though; so I shoved the thing in my pocket thinking that I would just toss it later or give it to one of the children. 

Later that night after work, I met up with my friend.  Our favorite local band was a one of our favorite venues... the casino!  I don't often spend a lot of money at the casino, I mostly just like pulling the little levers and watching the lights flash.  I'm simple, I supposed, but it is the truth.  Either way, we were at the casino, just jamming away.  I hadn't even planned on spending money on gambling that night, but after a few drinks I didn't care anymore.  I began to play penny slots.  It's a good way to waste twenty bucks, but at least it's fun.  I began playing the slots and to my surprise, in no time at all I was up to $50.00.  Not bad.. so I kept playing.  Before I knew it I had amassed $300.00 on penny slots.  This is typically unheard of.  I decided to try my luck on a different machine, so I started playing the dollar machines.  I pulled the handle like 15 times and next thing you know I was up to about $900.00!  It's not often that I have a lucky streak.  I switched to the high roller machines.... which for me means the $25.00 machines.  I placed max bet and watched as my totals slumped a bit.  That's how it goes, though.  I was about to throw in the towel, I mean I was leaving with more than what I came with.  Then, that instinctive voice told me to do it one more time; so I did.  I hit jackpot and watched as the little wheel of fortune meter looking thing spun around, determining that the jackpot I had won would total $37,509.00.  Not to shabby for one night of gambling, huh? 

I reached down for my wallet in my pocket to give the casino workers my license and that is when I realize that my front pocket was rather warm.  I stuffed my hand into my pocket and rummaged around and out came the piece that Ernest had given me earlier.  Hmmm... it was warm to the touch.  Not so hot that I couldn't hold it, but warm.  I stuffed it back in my pocket as it cooled down.  Later the next day, I began soul searching on the piece, by meditating with it and allow my mind to travel to the powers and energies in the piece.  It turns out that the piece was made during a wealth ceremony that was conducted by the Club of the Isles.  The Club of the Isles' name is based upon the fact that the Prince of Whales is called the Prince of the Isles.  It is an informal affiliation of wealth and princely families mostly of Anglo-Saxon decent.  They meet together to form a commercial alliance, with the main goal of keeping the power and the wealth in the hands of the most elite households and families.  They do this through oppression of the poor and subjecting them to barely livable conditions, so that way it is always a struggle to be successful.  When you finally become a tad bit successful in life, the struggle has been so real that you are content with being mediocre, with no more ambition to better because you have finally "made it."  They also influence pop bands and other venues to control the minds of the masses and keep them at ease.  In fact the queen of England, part of the Club of the Isles since birth, manufactured the Beatles to promote pop music and drugs, that way the minds of the masses would be at ease, not allowing them to focus on what is really at hand-- the fact that most "average" humans have become societal drones for the rich.  They are nasty bunch who would do whatever it takes gain and retain as much wealth and power as possible.  However, in a group of rotten eggs, there is always one good one; in this case his name was Ernest. 

Ernest is a descendant of a wealth Scottish family and has plenty of wealth to flaunt, but chooses not to do so. He has come to American to escape his family's flamboyantly rich lifestyle, because he saw more worth in the human race.  He wanted to know what it was like to be quote, unquote normal.  Don't get me wrong he is still filthy rich, he just doesn't look down any anyone or try to control them.  The piece that he gave me comes from one of the wealth rituals that the Club of the Isles holds.  They involve sacrifices and burning incense for wealth deities, blood rites, and orgies for the most part.  There is this one ritual where they drug an abducted person is dressed all in gold with a horned mask.  They release the drugged person and watch it stumble around randomly, trying to esacpe.  Then, the richies attack it and and kill it.  It's called the hunt for the wealth.  I don't know.  It's kind of dark if you ask me, but there are no dark connotations to the piece that have.  I'm not sure what type of ritual this piece was part of, but I know it wasn't murder... it was just some type of pure wealth ritual and it is, honestly, all white light power.  I wouldn't be selling it if it wasn't.

The piece that was given to by Harold is the piece that allowed me to become $38,000 richer in a matter of three hours.  Now, if it can do that much for me in that short amount of time, imagine what it can do for you if you are using it permanently!  This is because the powers that are in this piece are actively seeking wealth powers and energies, devising ways to bring you all the riches it possibly can.  It is one of the powers that have helped the Club of the Isles maintain their powers and the wealth it brings has maintained companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of Londons, Unilever, Lonrho, rio linto zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers.  It it the reason why the Club of the Isles dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds and a multitude of other raw materials.  This piece will begin search out wealth for you the moment you begin using and won't stop until you take it off or remove it from your pocket or however you decided to wear and/or use it.  It will be the most powerful wealth item that you have ever experienced in your life.  And don't worry about me, I have enough money to last for a while, because of having to test this piece!  Don't miss out, the time for pure, powerful, and extreme wealth is now!

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