10-10-09 This piece comes from Custom Creature Studios and it is a real Heart.  This is not a mold or plastic but real. You can see more of her items at CustomCreaturetaxidermy.com She has very interesting stuff,take a look at it.

I had looked all over for a real heart minus having to go to VM for one of his. Just didn't want to go there!

I get to know people all over the place and I one of my friends came here from Africa about 8 years ago bringing with them traditional Magic they were brought up in. This is the earliest form of voodoo and some of it requires sacrifice or internal organs,hearts and brains depending on what type of magic your seeking.

This came into me this week,Custom Creature is a super fast shipper and I was glad because I needed this.

My friend did their thing with it and now you have what ever your heart desires in anything. What the heart most seeks and wants is what this represents. This is a one of a kind piece.

Do you seek love,financial gain,peace,health,truth,ability,now you can have it.

I only have one.
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