6-18-09 This is a witches item of wealth. It has points to grab the wealth thoughts of others. Inside is a body,the ashes of a witch. This item is entirely hand made and well made. If you have seen those little wearable memorial urns,that is what this is. The year is the year of death,I think. Her name was Maci.  All she does is give wealth but not because she was greedy or because her family was in fact it was the opposite.

Maci is a very emotional witch and in life her and her sister and brothers worked in pure light. They gave much of what they had to those that did not have anything. They worked spells for free,helped the poor with food and clothes and survived on little.

When maci died she was already psychic in life so in death her power and ability did increase. She was able to stay a little longer and see her family suffer because of her early death. They could not afford a proper burial and had her cremated.  Then the urn swere out of reach so they made her one. It was with great distress to see her familiy in such emotional turmoil. This is what led her back to help others more then she did in life.

OMG this poor woman in trading spouses is really crying now. I feel bad for her. I almost want to send her this item but she has no ambition and I think we all need a little of that. You can help people but sometimes they do not want to help themselves.

I need to turn this show off before I send her my magicals.

Anyway,this is a wealth item and it does work for those in need and for those that have a desire to improve through both hard work and in understanding. I do not think she will help a greedy person so if this is because your looking to be greedy I would not buy it. Some people would not tell you this but I want people to know that it will not work in that capacity.

I hope the right person gets this and that you use it for others after you get what you need.

Please call her by her name Maci and welcome her. I usually have a cup of tea with her once a week on Sunday but you can do with her as you wish. She does like the comfort of you paying attention to her. In my house I gave her,her own room because we bacame very close. She will still visit me just so you know that up front. I like her very much.
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