This piece is meant to be worn in one ear or to be sat down on something. This wizard was conjured into the piece which dates from the 1980s. When doing the conjuring (the recipe used) both good and bad was required. I have not heard of this before but it was how it was done. The dark magic one is gone, you are left with the white light. I have read and been a part of a conjuring when both was needed to empower the other so that could be how this one was done.

The Wizard's name is Hughs De Paynes and he was from around the 1100s and is extremely powerful because of his hanging around, still in the physical world, through his own knowledge and that of time.

He is capable of doing what any powerful wizard would do. It is not psychic ability or telepathy but more casting of what you want. You need to tell him what you want, provide him with a decent home, comfortable place AND you need to talk to him.

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQi8rq4eHRk
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