This ring is 10k gold and with a real opal about a size 6. This item came from the old Monks palace in NY which is no longer there. I have used it sparingly mostly because I don't find myself surrounded by darkness much anymore and I'm not a Light Worker. Its a bit of a hard piece to describe because in a way I suppose you could call it a Alchemical God Converter or something like that. I would say its a killing ground for those who walk in the purest light.

When I received the ring it was explained to me that there are 6 types of demons that are most likely to be encountered in the world. These are the ones most active, cause an enormous amount of chaos and damage, and often go undetected. THEY ARE ...

1- * The Fates * These turn everything good to bad, think living Murphy's Law for real.

2 - * Poltergeists that are evil *. Not the cute ones who knock on the walls or make a pyramid out of chairs in the living room. I'm talking about the poltergeists who are evil and try to come out when a person hits 12 years old. At this age a future is set for us and if it can be evil they will do so, its their only purpose.

* 3 - Incubi and Succubi * the type that try to kill nuns or cause disease

* 4 - What they called Marching Hosts * These produce the sound of hordes of marching men

* 5 - Nightmare Demons * These come usually during the act of sex and can create darkness and evil during it.

* 6 - Clean Demons * These only assault those of white light and and holy people. IF your doing anything good or really trying to do good works most likely your under attack. Even more so if you are actively working and spreading the word of the Light. These demons are only attracted to these people and its their only purpose to corrupt you, they can be very tricky to detect and deal with after the fact.

* I would add Suicide Demons to the list as I believe they are more active than many would want to believe.

Now what this will do is not only rid them from you forever but to remove them while taking the power they have and turning it to all good. This is good for a person who wants to change the world and people. If you are on this path I'm sure you can see the great things that can be done with it and what a valuable tool it is. I set the price at 10k because I believe it is an important item that the right person can use now to its highest intent and is invaluable in what can be done with it if your a hunter.

At times I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

Thanks for looking

***** PLEASE NOTE! *****

Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!
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