White Light Vampire Powers

Catholics believe in purgatory, as God believes in second chances. Some people do not agree with the theories behind purgatory. I can't speculate as to whether or not purgatory really exists. I can say with confidence that God does give second chances. I have witnessed it first hand. You can too, because in this piece is a vampire that was once part of legion of evil undead soldiers. The legion roved and continues to search the Earth amassing cadets for their fledgling army of undead warriors. There was an exception to the cause, though. I guess you could call her a turncoat that left the forces of evil to trade in her darkness for light. Ironically, this entity is called Faith.

Faith was created to be part of the army of the undead, but she turned on them when she realized the intentions of the army was to raise the depths of the Underworld to the surface of Earth to utilize the humans as their slaves and to feed off of them. She wasn't okay with this, because she had a gift that the evil originators hadn't- a conscience. Long story short, she turned on the evil caucus, earning her wings from God and becoming the first ever ordained white light vampire.

Faith can never become and actual angel, so she still exhibits the strength and agility of her vampire parents; however, she struck a deal with God that if she captures the commander of the evil force and vanquish him to the pits of Hell, she will be given admittance into the realms of the Seven Heavens. God hasn't sent Faith away empty handed. He has given her powers that only the Seraphim of Heaven can boast. She has the power to create angels. These angels will serve as soldiers in her white light army, as she also has the power to pass on the powers given to her by God. She has the ability to perform any and all white light magic and/or charm. She has the power to vanquish any entity to the pits of Hell-- good or bad. She does not go out in vain, as she is always protected by the grace that God has shed on her. It will protect her spirit from the intentions of evil entities and dark spirits.

We have been able to call upon Faith and implore that she grant us her powers. She pitied us in our mere human nature, and granted us her powers, which were the vested into the pieces that are shown here. The owners of these pieces will embody all the powers of Faith. They will be given the powers to create angels to watch over them and their loved ones. They will be given the powers entailed with white light magic and charms, that can never be used for evil or malicious intentions. They will protected by Faith via the grace of God that abounds in her existence.

The owners of these pieces will also be given the original abilities of Faith's previous vampire existence, including that of super human strength and agility as well as many others, minus the evil ones. They will given the chance to assist Faith on her missions of locating and vanquish the head evil commander. In this way they will be given power over evil forces with the ability to vanquish these forces to the depths of Hell. If they choose to assist Faith, they will given admittance to the realms of the Seven Heavens, where they will be able to communicate with angels and obtain immortality. If you choose to be one of these owners, you will get one of the pieces that you see here. They are only available while supplies last, so be sure to secure yours today.

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