The piece that you see here is one into which we have conjured an ages-old Phoenix.  We conjured this phoenix in between birthing cycles.  Phoenixes live in life cycles, where when they are fully mature they burst into flames.  The new phoenix rises from the ashes, youthful and even more beautiful than before.  This particular phoenix has seen at least ten life cycles during which he has amassed immeasurable wealth.  We found him in between bursting into flames and being reborn and he agreed to be conjured into this piece, in order to assist in our ever-growing mission of bringing wealth magic to people who need it.  

This piece is a square pin, with a green phoenix egg nestled dead in the center of it.  This is why we are calling this piece a window to wealth.  The actual power of the piece lies within the green egg, whereby when you receive your piece you are going to be able to birth your own pet Phoenix.  This phoenix will show itself to you after the first few weeks of it being born.  Not only will this bird serve as a companion spirit, but in accordance to the fact that Phoenixes are wealth hoarders, this phoenix will bring you an incredible amount of wealth.  
It will go in cycles.  It will bring you wealth in the first round.  Then, in the second, the amount of wealth will multiply to double.  In the third round in will quadruple.  It works like this, in cycles, so on and so forth.  In order for you to activate this power, you need to write down what you will be naming your phoenix on a piece of paper.  Then, you will light a candle and birth paper.  Set the ashes aside, in a bowl.  Place the piece in the ashes.  Let the candle burn all the way down.  Only once the candle has burned the entire way down will your phoenix be born to you.  Again, it will show itself to you after a few weeks when it reaches maturity.  After this the wealth of a lifetime will be yours to claim!
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