Wings of Freedom

This piece holds the divine spirit of an ancient Eagle. It will connect you to our creator. Eagle feathers are used all over the world as ceremonial instruements and are considered to be the most sacred healing tools. This piece is a symbol of power, healing and wisdom.

The Eagle spirit held within this piece represents a state of grace that is reached through inner work, understanding and passing the initiation tests that result from reclaiming our personal power. This phenomenal piece holds powers of medicine and healing.

Eagle medicine is the power fo the Great Spirit. It is the spirit of the tenacity. It is the gift of clear vision with which one can truly see the things one sees. It is the patience to wait for the appropriate moment. It is to live in balance with Heaven and Earth.

This piece was inhabited by the Eagle to remind you of your connection with the Great Spirit. It tells you that the Universe is giving you the opportunity to fly above your life's worldly levels, or above the shadow of past realitites.

This Eagle piece will teach you to look above in order to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart, to love the Shadow as much as the Light. You have to allow the Eagle to grant you permission to be free in order to reach the joy that your heart desires.

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