Hazel is a witch and she is a dark one that specialized in dark magic. There is not much to say about this piece other then it does dark magic. She is called the negro witch because of her castings,spells and revenge being so dark,black is more like it.  This is NOT a dual piece,it IS DARK!


To use the piece you would hold it or place it on when you needed to accomplish something nefarious. You only need to command it to do what you wasnt. This is not a spirit but as magic which she gained from learning directly from a warlock. If your a warlock or dark witch this would be the piece for you. You will not have to deal with spirits or rituals or begging a spirit to do something for you,this just does it!


I placed it on a chain but you can get rid of it if you like. I only added it so I could hang it away from my dual and white light pieces. This works fast! There is NO delay. Serious people and those that can handle what they have done should only buy this. I really don't want to hear boo hooing when it works for you.


Karma,there is no karma if the person is getting what they deserve. Karma will be applied if you are just screwing with someone because you can.

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