In a world of winds and fires, of flowing water and falling rain, and slowly changing hills, mountains, and valleys, nothing stands still for very long. The bodies and souls of men and women and beasts are part of this world, and no part of them is exempt long from the necessity to change. It is easy enough to watch a young child grow into an old man or woman, but not so easy to see the soul's changes. But change it does; the soul is as vulnerable to subtle powers as the body is to coarse ones- and the soul determines so much about the character of a person.

I liken the soul's dynamic nature to a pendulum, forever swinging back and forth, cycling, between those places of mind and heart and nature that it loves and to which it has become accustomed- for where the heart goes, the soul goes, and where the mind lies in fixation or confusion, there too the soul goes. The soul, and the mind and body that coalesce around it, have their true origins from over the hedge, in the far reaches of the unknown mysteries of life. But while here, in the world of perceptual order, the mind and body are shaped by the powers of order, and the soul adheres to this pathway of gravity and time.

You might say the "conditioning" runs both ways- but the soul, the pre-existing, lasting, and fluid element of any being- always maintains something of its "otherness"- it knows, on the deepest levels, that it is from "somewhere else"- and as quiet as it may be, as forgetful as the minds of men and women may become, they know that they are part of something greater, something beyond order and limitation. However, in the meantime, life needs living and life makes demands.

The pendulum of the soul swings according to the estate of life a man or woman has attained- and according to many other factors, as well. the dynamic flux of the soul influences the mind and body in many ways; for most, the pendulum of the soul swings well within the "ordered side" of the great clock-work machinery of the cosmos. Sometimes- every few swings- it comes close to the hedge, but just barely. Just enough for those rare moments of imagination or reflection to strike.

For a very small, dark minority of human beings, the pendulum of the soul swings largely on the "other" side of the hedge- sad and wretched, for they are either raving lunatics, or the quiet, subtle variety of pure insanity- sometimes sociopathic or detached or otherwise very dangerous evil to their fellow man. This is the cost of the Pendulum of the soul swinging outside of the ordered power of the world- the soul's unrest and lack of touch with the powers of order is reflected in the mind and body of the person.

Between these two persons- those whose soul-pendulums swing within order, only barely touching the Hedge at times, and those whose soul-pendulums swing within chaos, only barely touching the Hedge at times (though from the other side), there are may grades between- and the possibility of altering the soul's swing always exists, at every moment.

The Witch, ideally, has a pendulum which swings from order, over the hedge, and back to order again, straddling the two perfectly, alternating perfectly. Compared to those whose pendulum's swing is nine parts out of ten in the ordered world, the Witch's double nature must seem a nightmare: not for no reason do such people despise the Witch and the Art. From the perspective of those whose pendulum's swing is nine parts out of ten in the world of disorder and mystery, the Witch must seem very worldly, stable, and sane indeed- but this is all perspective. But it is this fact of the pendulum that makes the true Witch a boon for this world, and a mighty force against the powers of extreme disorder- for the Witch can offer freshness and needful changes to this world, and repel the extremes of the other.

Death is a time for a plunge of the mind and soul back into the Unseen world of disorder and strangeness which was its original home. But for those who have become so well entrenched in the metaphysical power of order, that plunge is terrifying, and painful. For those who spent their lives cursed to be mad or obsessed with the strangeness- those dangerous freaks- death isn't much of a change at all; from the chaos that entangled itself in flesh back to the pure chaos is not a far journey. For the Witch, however, with the pendulum balanced more or less between the two, death is another opportunity for power. No terror and confusion on the one hand, nor wild loss on the other will greet the cunning Witch at death- if they are masters of their art, that is.

The balanced in this life will find a balanced road through death. This is important, because as was mentioned before, true "goodness"- the undying goodness- is beyond the usual definitions of "good" and "evil" held by the people of the world of order- for real "goodness" or the "fitness of things" must include the ordered and the disordered- the wholeness of things. Can a person look upon the world, with all its beauty and terrors, and see a greater fitness, a greater rightness for it all? Yes, the wise can; but it is no easy task until one has swung back and forth in real inclusive balance. If a person can behold the dark and the light as parts of a good whole in this world, they can do the same in death, and find the true peace beyond categories.


Those whose pendulums swing far to the right may feel trepidation at death, fear of the unknown, but the powerful order that they carry with them (so long as it was genuine- that is, based on a good heart) will act as a preserver from the chaotic states beyond- perhaps even blessing them with peace for a while, before the last mystery is faced. Those whose pendulums swing in the chaos may not have much of a difficult time plunging into the unformed, but then, they lived their own sort of hell before they died, and their mental oblivion will be quick enough on the heels of a new, more vibrant nightmare. Those whose souls are warped with wickedness will have no choice but to experience that "creativity of wickedness" in the unformed- for the unseen world is responsive to our hopes and dreams, and our nightmares.

But the soul's pendulum is always moving. The art of the Witch has a powerful relationship to the pendulum's swing, for every single time the Witch reaches the hedge and crosses over, or performs works of sorcery, the "Witching" or "Hexing" that they obtain bends and warps the soul and mind by a small degree- and thus, it changes the pendulum's swing a little more towards the "Otherness". But there is more. Intentionally evil acts do the same- anything that destroys the order of this world or the life in it (life as we know it, in the biological sense, is a manifestation of order) swings the pendulum towards the disorder and mayhem of the unseen.

The Witch must therefore be very cautious. For the cost of the art is constant opportunity to alter the pendulum's swing towards the Unseen, and to divorce the Witch further and further from the world of human beings and the order upon which they base their sanity. This is why the Witch must maintain connections with this world; when powerful seasons of Witching have passed, the Witch should celebrate the ordered world for its beauty and power- more so than others should, perhaps.

The Witch may become accustomed to dealings with Old Hobb, or the White Lady, or the denizens of the unseen world and the shades of the dead- and the Other, in all its wondrous and nightmarish permutations; but the Witch should be conversant also with the kingdom of the Christ, the giving Earth, the broad Sky, and the simple graces and charms of the world of the sunlight.

For this very reason, attending "church" from time to time may be healthy- reminding oneself of the good values upon which most people base their lives, and the need for compassion and forgiveness, and aid to one's neighbor. Naturally, the pendulum being what it is and always swinging towards the Otherness, you'll see these values crash and transform into their precise opposites- but it is good enough that somewhere, someone values them.

Witches who are not "passion bodies" inclined to enjoy a church can still experience the holiness of the ordered world: walking out into the green fields of this world, under the broad blue sky, building fires and burning offerings for the beneficent one above, and pouring out offerings and burying offerings for the generous mother below- celebrating the friendly departed, the beloved ancestors, the goodness of the bright, warming sun- collecting fresh herbs, baking bread, getting the flour of this world on one's hands and face, walking the forest paths... this is the "good life"- and it is just as precious as the mysterious order of life on the other side of the Hedge.

When the Witch's soul-pendulum swings either balanced or more towards the ordered end of the spectrum, their "Witching", their workings, and their passive presence (for never forget, any person who has the Witching in their mind and body radiates a presence of it and causes changes in this world, whether they would or not) are forces that will not harm others. But when a Witch's pendulum swings into the disordered spectrum more often than not, their passive presence becomes a deadly matter- the Witching in them tends more and more to disorder; they can, just as the legends tell, cause disasters, accidents, and terrors merely by living near a village or around others. They can harm even those they love, just by being near them, though it is questionable how such a creature, who must be fully mad, can understand "love" as others do.

To hunt or destroy such Witches would not be an act of persecution, but preservation on the parts of the people of a village, or this world. The "evil witch" of legend does exist- and unlike the "evil non-witch", they wield something in them that can do considerable more damage and destruction in this world.

The aspects of a mergant witch can compose the fury of the magic, and powers, that exute in our world. This pendulum piece will allow you the opportunity to channel the total effects of the standard invocations that are accrued from the realm of all witches.

You will be given the inset to channel white light witches and evil witches -- the history of the strengths is modivating with the allure of how the pendulum swings. This is an incredible piece that will generate complete forcasted control to you -- and allow the energies of the witches to bring forth the desires you hold for occult enrichment!!

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