Waves of Passion


Waves of Passion

Nokken, is a dangerous and manipulative seahorse ---he lives in waters with water lilies, roaming in rivers, small waters and seas, so it would be easier to lure people closer to the water to drown them.

Nokken is a shape-shifter....for women he would turn into a handsome young man with a fiddle, which he would use to play beautiful, seductive music to draw the women closer. Another shape is that of a beautiful white horse with opal black eyes, the mane on the horse looking like thick fog and he would almost give off a glow like white shimmer.

He has been captured and desires a female companion -- he will seduce you for sex, please be aware of this.

Nokken could also transform into an old wood boat or an old tree stump. His real apparel is hideous, as he is covered with sea grass and his eyes are glowing yellow. He has a huge mouth with sharp teeth, and his skin is like that of a drowned man who has been long underwater.

His normal appearance would scare off women, of any diposition. This is why he would lure women in with his shape shifting sex appeal. If the women would still not be with him then he would drown them and ravish their bodies.

This may sound scary to you, but if you are looking for a lover with true immense skill and abilitiy -- then you want to be with Nokken!

He will shap shift to be your fantasy being, and utilize you as a love tool. After being captured a spell was placed to stop him from being able to groom without desire --- but when you call upon him he will make your eyes roll back in your head and make you never want to leave the bedroom~!!

Testers showcased the BEST sexual intamacy and pleausure they EVER had.

Waves of Passion
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