Wealth and Demise; Obama's Destruction of a Nation

We just got this collection of items in from the Pentagon.  I'm going to tell you this, too.  Once they are gone, they are gone!  They aren't evil in nature, but they come from a man that most people consider the anti-Christ, so I will let you make your own judgment there.  You know, kind of like, "don't kill the messenger," type of thing.  Actually, this power is more of a dual power magic, because it doesn't draw from either dark powers or white powers... it just draws from whatever powers are in its nearby vicinity.  That's because the power in these pieces has a voracious appetite for magic.  This magic is then turned to wealth.  The wealth then comes back tenfold to person who is using it. 

I want you to take a look around you.  Obama is in the Whitehouse (see the afore mentioned reference about the anti-Christ).  He has literally done nothing to make anything better on his own behalf.  Yet, they say that the stock markets are way up.  In fact, they say that they are hitting all time record highs.  They say that the housing and job markets are better than they have ever been.  Inflation is coming down-- slightly and the economy is on an all-of-a-sudden rebound.  Why is this?  It's because Obama hates America.  Notice that he didn't manage to accomplish change in the first half of his presidency and that all of these "good news" items have come to the forefront of the American table only recently.  Why?  It's because Obama hates America.  I know this doesn't make sense, but hear me out. 

Obama has been brewing in the same power that is in this piece.  The power has been developed by an ancient sorcerer who is ten times as power as Rasputin ever was.  He is a Muslim sorcerer and he makes djinn on a regular basis.  He just so happened to also make this item.  It is a wealth item and Obama has been using it recently to put a fake surge on American financial health, so that way when he leaves office he can out with a bang.  What I mean is that he has been using this piece to bolster the economy and when he leaves, so will his magic and our nation will be set into the worst financial crisis EVER IN HISTORY!! He has it all planned out.  When the American banks fail, so will the European banks, and most likely the Asian banks.  With the world in a financially crushed state where food and ammunition will become currency, the Muslims will be able to make a surge and take over the world.  You see, they have been waiting for this.  It's all part of their manifesto and the "one world government" that is prophesied in the Bible.

The only way to escape this financial burden and doom is with one of these wealth items, which is the exact same wealth item that Barack Obama has been using to artificially inflate the economy.  Believe me folks the crash is coming.  However, if you get one of these items now, you will be able to begin your own stockpiling effort, because this piece will pull wealth powers for you and bring you riches seemingly out of thin air!  You don't want to be caught empty handed when Obama implement his starve-the-world strategy!  These wealth powers come form an ancient source of magic that was brought to Earth in the times of Abraham.  His children have flourished because he has given them this power.  Unfortunately, some of his children wish ill upon others, as both Christians and Muslims are descendants of this man.  Now the once great power will be used to oppress those who God loves, but it's part of the tribulation so it's necessary.  Either way, these piece will bring you an astronomical amount of wealth.  You don't want to pass this one by!  

Wealth and Demise; Obama's Destruction of a Nation
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