Wealth of the Stolen Children

Wealth of the Stolen Children

During the Middles Ages a pandemic of kidnapping broke out.  The mystery was never officially solved and what was known was kept well under wrap, because the people that were kidnapping the children were prominent leaders and or noblemen of the times.  The common folk made up a bunch of lore to explain why these children went mis ing.  The lore included everything from witches stealing children for magical rituals to fairies who stole the children and turned them into little monsters to torment humans who attempted to steal their powers.  The truth of the matter is that what was going on was much more sinister than any of the stories that the peasants could possibly devise. 

It is often said that money is the root of all evil and this has proven to be true time and time again.  During the Middle Age magic and the occult ran rampant  It was a time of enlightenment and time of prospering; but prospering at what cost?  The price to be paid was a human life-- a human child life.  This is where all the missing children went; and I am saddened to say, in some circles, they still go today.  Why do you think there are so many pictures on the wall at Wal-Mart?

Anyway, these children were stolen by sirens with legs that Satan summoned from the ocean to steal innocent children.  The blood of innocent children is ultra powerful, because it is the blood of innocence.  These sirens wouldn't have to try very hard and Satan knew this.  All they had to do was sing a song of enchantment, kind of like the witch on Hocus Pocus.  The child's mind could then be completely mesmerized and controlled, allowing the sirens to have full control over the child's mind, making it do what they wanted.  The children were then handed over to the nobility who worked in conjunction with the Sirens because they were Satanists. 

Once the Satanists had the children they would sacrifice them in exchange for extreme wealth.  This is how the royal bloodlines managed to stay in power and control all of the money and wealth.  They bartered for it with the lives of their people's children.  In addition, the Sirens joined in on the fun, taking part in the sex orgies the nobility would have for the glory of Satan and Satanic worship.  The result were offspring that were half Siren and half human. 

This piece contains the presence of a half-human, half-Siren entity.  We have caught one of these offspring and gave it a white-light washing, meaning that we have rid the entity of all evil connotations whatsoever.  The only thing that is left is a white light being with extreme powers.  This being is hybrid between the wealthy bloodline of the nobility and the sirens that coupled with them.  You will gain the wealth powers of the descendents of the rulers of the   You will gain extreme wealth powers, which will go forth and attract a fortune for you.  You will also gain the mesmerizing enchantment of the sirens.  You will be able to use their powers to hold control over the minds of others to hypnotize them and have them do what you want them to as far as finances go.


Wealth of the Stolen Children
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