Wealthy Futures Are These Five

We made this pieces while using one of our "shielded room" pieces.  The shielded room pieces are a collection of items that are used for holding seances and different spiritual rituals.  It is a piece that creates a spiritual "room" that will guarantee protection and keep what you want in and those things that you don't want out.  We use these pieces often when doing seances, rituals, conjurings, and spiritual callings.  
This time we were using the piece to call upon the souls of wealthy people.  Different souls were called for wealth in different areas of life.  For instance, some were called for wealth in the singing industry, while some were business magnates called to bring great fortune in business.  We have collected these spirits of very high wealth and success.  Each of these people bring you success in their industry.  By success we mean wealth, but beyond wealth you will also gain fame and fortune.  People will know your name.  You will be able to make an imprint on society.  Following is a list of people we have conjured. 
Marilyn Monroe-- for aspiring actors, actresses, models
Babe Ruth-- for aspiring athletes
Frank Sinatra-- for aspiring singers
John D Rockefeller-- for aspiring entrepreneurs 
George Washington-- for aspiring politicians
Wealthy Futures Are These Five
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