Wealthy Grine (Djinn) of Mine

We have several of these piece, as they were hand-made for us by a very powerful source.  The source is an immortal who has been around long enough to know what she is doing.  You can trust me on that.  We haven't done much work with her in the past, because we actually just came into contact with her recently.  Right now I can't give you her name, but we will have more pieces from her in the near future.  She is neither a light worker, nor dark arts worker.  She does either-or depending on the situation.  For instance, she made us these pieces that are dual and can go either way, depending on the person who is using them.  
Each time a person is born, there is a separate, spiritual entity that is born in a separate realm of existence.  The human is born with little or no magical power, but the entity that is born in the realm apart is a djinn form known as a grine.  The grine is born into all the power and magic that its human double will ever need.  The trick is to get the unknowing human to become bonded back with their grine counter part.  It's kind of like having a guardian angel, but in a different kind of way.  This is because the actions of the human affect the Grines existence, but it also works vice versa.  The fact that the human doesn't know the other exists is all but impossible, but with the intelligence of people these days, you can't be that surprised.  
Moral of the story?  These pieces bring you back into contact with your grine djinn.  What does this mean for you?  The grine djinn, as I have told you are born with all the magic you are ever going to need.  This prepares them to be able to grant any wish that you will ever make upon them.  This is the power that you are getting.  The ability to every wish you wish granted.  When you first get your piece, your grine will appear to you in soul form.  It will look like you, just a little less humanoid.  Then, every time there is something you desire, you will use your piece to call upon your grine and make the wish.  
It doesn't matter what you wish for, it will come true.  It might not be immediately, because you have to remember different magic works in different ways.  However, when you make the wish it will be granted and that is what matters.
In addition to the fact that they will grant your every wish, grine djinn have a voracious appetite for wealth.  When you use this piece, in addition to all the other powers you might ask for, this piece brings extreme wealth into your life.  This will be done in various ways and will come to you from various areas of your life.  Once the wealth starts, there is no stopping, so prepare yourself!!      
Wealthy Grine (Djinn) of Mine
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