What the Heka?? Awaken Your Ka!!

This piece came from Raviniska.  I know that we haven't put any of her items on lately, but this is because she has been pretty busy fighting evil beings on the spiritual front.  The closer it comes to the end of times, the more evil there is that is constantly trying to oppress us.  We are at a typically calm perdiod, for now.  Raviniska got a break, so she brought us this item that she said she found in a secret snow pyramid in Northern Canada whose entrance is only illuminated by the Northern Lights and the magic and energy in the Auroras.  The pyramid is the home to a break off colony of immortal Egyptians that have migrated to Northern Canada to disclose their true identity.  They have a vast network of underground meccas that serve as centers for spirituality and magic.  

This item comes from an oasis of power and energy that is dedicated the the goddess Heka.  Heka is the deification of magic.  In fact, it is reflected in his name, which is literally the Egyptian word for magic.  Thus, he doesn't exist in human form or spiritual form.  Rather his existence is purely energetic in nature as he is the full embodiment of all magic that has ever existed.  

Heka's name can also be translated as meaing activation of the Ka.  The Ka is the aspect of the soul which emobies a person's personality.  It was known by the Egyptians that activating the powers of the soul is how magic works.  By awakening a person's Ka, it would be given full functioning magic, as the Ka is the divine awakening of the soul that brings humans out of their basic existence to exist as if they were a God.  

This item, which was given to us by Ravniska, give full awakening of the Ka.  It calls upon Heka for an awakening and deep undestandings.  Through awakening and activation of the Ka, which is an asect of both humans and gods, you will be able to influence the gods, because you will shed your humanity to be come a master sorcerer of the most divine Egyptian magic.  You will be able to use this power to gain protection, healing, transformation, psychic awakening, white magic, witch craft, spiritual cleansing. wealth, fertility, and spiritual ascension.  This piece will transform you from an average human to an Egyptian magic elitist that has the influence of the gods and who has obtained maximum awakening of the Ka. 

What the Heka?? Awaken Your Ka!!
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