Words That Work; Speak Your Own Magic

It's a struggle that we all go through.  It's how we at Haunted Curiosities find a common bond with each other and our customers, who aren't just our customers but often times our associates.  We are less of a store and more of a magical apothecary.  People who don't understand the world of magic will ridicule us and tell us that it doesn't exist, but that is because they don't understand the world that we live in.  That is why we have one another, to share our magical experiences with and it is why we work so hard to bring you the best items of the best.  We completely understand what you are going through.  The world is dominated by magic and if people understood the power that could be harnessed simply by opening their mind to what they don't understand, I doubt they'd be laughing at us at all; but like I said it's a struggle we all go through. 

In the world of magic, there is a very heavy emphasis on words.  They are not just elements of speech and writing, but they can be used to influence and strengthen the effects of any magic that you already have.  They can also be used to materialize magical powers and capabilities.  They are called spells.  You see, magic is merely the art of directing and controlling the energies and unseen forces that enter our universe that encompass our daily lives and activities.  When spoken out loud via a spell, chant or incantation, words can manipulate and control the energies to transform into frequencies and vibrations that can be used to direct and control those energies and forces in the atmosphere around you. 

These pieces have been made based off of an indoctrination that we found on a scroll that once belonged to the most famous, and often time wrongly assumed to be fictional, wizard.  You may know him.  His name is Merlin and I can tell you right now, he isn't dead either.  He is immortal and he exists, just no longer in what you would consider to be a "mortal" form.  By this I mean, he won't appear to you in human form, if you were ever experience him.  He looks more like a soul, but is an entirely ultra-violet spirit form.  It's actually pretty cool to experience him, but his visits into the mortal realm are so rare that we were very lucky, ourselves, to be able to experience him and his power first-hand.  We got the spells (again words!) to summon him from a the same scroll that I just mentioned.  We got the scroll in an underground trade agreement with a source who wishes to remain nameless.  Merlin helped us to see the light on portions of the scroll we couldn't make sense of, and this is how we are able to offer this collection of pieces.  They are examples of his original knowledge, in raw form, set into the items that are being offered. 

In these items are the raw powers of speech.  This will allow you to examine a word and automatically know how that word will effect that powers and energies that are in the atmosphere around you.  I mean, you could literally make up your own word and the resonance of what you say will have an immediate effect, and this piece will be there to guide you into knowing the results of how this word or grouping of words will effect the energies in your world.  Thus, what this piece will do is give you the ability to create your own forms of spells, incantations, chants, and magic.  It will do this by allowing you to control the energies around you via words that will speak.  You will gain the knowledge of how to manipulate energies and unseen forces to gain the result you desire, such as wealth, power, sex, love, etc.  Really, you can make whatever new powers and abilities that you can dream up, because there is unlimited potential in the power of words-- especially when you begin making your own or experimenting with other language, using them in combination with different languages.  There's a world full of potential magic that you will only be able to unlock using the power and knowledge that you will find in one of these items!  

Words That Work; Speak Your Own Magic
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