Wrap it up, and stick it in!

Wrap it up, and stick it in!

This is the most fascinating pieces we have -- it prominently showcases its ability! This should be worn to bring lust your way.

Are you tired of the bar scene and always getting shot down? Stop going home alone, maybe even end up at someone else's place for the night! This erotic piece takes your sexual energies and fills the Universe with it. You will allude sexual desire to those around you and the allure of the energy will make you extremely appealing!

You do not even need to display this piece, so you can have it in your pocket, or on a chain tucked inside your shirt; however some of the testers said that by having is viewable that they sparked some steamy conversations that started with a comment about the item.

Take the power of sexual energy in your own hands, or actually into these two hands and get ready to get some :)

Wrap it up, and stick it in!
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