If you are the type of person who thinks all vampires are the same, you had better think again. Vampires come in more varieties than Ben and Jerry's.  In fact there are so many different types of vampires that Haunted Curiosities is always learning about a new type.  Recently we got this piece it.  This piece comes from an original investigation that was done our our behalf by Adita.  She does these investigations for us all the time and she is rather excellent at doing them.  This time she came up with a very unique item. 

This piece holds the free form spirit of a Xiang Shi.  This is the Chinese version of a vampire.  Although there is lore surrounding Xiang Shi that says that they are the result of the unburied dead, this is not true.  Those are different forums of the same creature but are known under a different name altogether. A true for Xiang Shi is an vampire who is also an enlightened immortal. 

Then energy of this particular Xiang Shi comes from a countryside monastery somewhere in Thailand outside of Bangkok, where Adita was called to investigate.  The entity, who has no physical form of its own was spooking the monks by giving off strange colored lights during the night.  I mean, it's not like the monks didn't have magic of their own, but this wasn't their brand, so they didn't know what to make of it.  Adita knew immediately what was going on because she is very well verse in these types of things.  The free form had taken refuge in the monastery, because where else would one take refuge other than a holy site?

Adita was able to perform an extraction ritual during which she extracted the free form Xiang Shi vampire soul.  It is now in this piece.  He is available for purchase and will bond with your soul.  Using this piece you will be able to merge the Xiang Shi soul with your own, giving you a minor, yet complete transformation.  You will become the Xiang Shi vampire, but will retain your mortal qualities.  You will gain all of his powers though, which are pretty abundant, as the soul itself is thousands of years old and is a practice master artist of white light divination, psychic control, and astral travels! 

Jason was the one who actually tested this piece when it first came in.  He told me that the experience was exhilarating, that he was able to exist in his true vampire form and his mortal form at the same time.  He was able to exist as a human, but have timeless knowledge as well.  He was able to have the memory of all things, but still remain his same mortal age.  It was like a dual existence in one body!  This piece is very powerful and you do not want to miss out! 


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