From time to time we go away on investigations.  We tend not to really tell people where we are going on investigation, because we don't want it to ruin the investigation.  Trust me, there are some creepers out there who live for nothing more than to find out what we are doing and try to meet us.  I mean, we don't mind meeting people, but when we are on business that's what we do-- we work.  This is how come we are able to bring you such amazing items!  Then, there are those people who wish to sabotage our whole operations department.  It's all good, though, because they have never been able to do so.  My point is that when we go on investigations they are mostly clandestine, for the protection of the solidarity of the investigation.  The reason I'm telling you this is because this piece is the result of an investigation that we went on about a year and half ago.  I can't remember if we said we were going somewhere else, or whether we just packed up and left to go, but the fact is that we did go and we are bringing this piece back to.  

The place we went to was Egypt.  This particular time, we seemed to have hit it unusually big, as far gaining powers and pieces that we can offer to you guys on the various websites and offline sales.  However, the one that most stuck out in my mind, which is now finally being listed to the website is the one that we found in the Great Sand Sea.  It is an all original piece that we actually happened upon by chance.  I had always wanted to spend the night in the desert under the stars, so we arranged for this to happen.  Deedee is pretty good at making wishes come true if there is anything that can do about it.  So, we were laying there, out in the middle of the desert.  Honestly, you be surprised at how cold it can get in the desert at night time.  I didn't believe me when they told me that.  I was like, "I'm from Pennsylvania, don't tell me about cold!"  For the past two years, it has hit -20 degrees.  I thought maybe it was just cold to them.  Actually, the truth is that it gets realistically cold there at night.  I think it might have something to do with how hot it gets during the day.  So we're laying there in our sleeping bags, staring up at the stars.  

Egypt is a great place to look at the stars.  As I'm sure you know, everything in Egypt was designed around star patterns.  There is something magical about the stars from Egypt's view.  It's almost like Egyptian powers control the stars and not the other way around.  As we lay there, I watched as a shooting star flew across the sky.  I shrieked, because I was excited.  You can ask Deedee, it doesn't take much to get me going.  It's the little things in life.  Then, there was another.  I was overcome with excited.  Then there was a third and it fell down only a few hundred feet away.  Now, I'm not stupid and I didn't think I was catching a star, but I ran over to where I thought the star had fallen.  It could have been a small meteor.  These deserts are known for sudden meteor showers.  

As I made my way over, I could see this piece aglow in the sand.  It wasn't a star or a meteor, rather it was this piece that you see pictured for this listing.  It was a ring, with a poison box that opens up on the top.  I picked it up and it was warm to the touch.  I took it back to Deedee, who was astonished to see that I had found this.  She looked at me and muttered something like a sea full of sand and this is what you find.  I guess I'm just dumb lucky like that.  These types of things are CONSTANTLY happening to me, but I don't mind.  Upon investigation of this piece, we were able to determine that is the home to the rarest type of djinn called the Golden Efreet. This djinn is more powerful than the even the Blue Efreet, which I've told you before is the most powerful one.  I'm amending my statement with this piece, because I will tell you this is the most powerful type of djinn that I have ever experienced.  It's powers are very powerful and its response time is next to nothing!  

You must find a quill pen to use this piece properly. Then, when you get it you simply fill the poison box part with ink and a few drops of your own blood.  Stir it up well with your quill pen.  Wear the ring for the next 24 hours.  After this 24 hour mark, the powers of the blood, the ink, and this piece will have materialized.  You can then use your quill pen and a piece of blank paper.  With the quill write down those things that you want to be manifested in your own life.  Like, you can write down any request you have as far a wishes go and this piece holds the Golden Efreet, who will expedite your request and bring it back to you sevenfold.  If you ask for wealth, you will get it times seven.  If you ask for true love, you will get that times seven.  Whatever you want, you can write into your life with this quill.  If you run out of ink, there are no worries, you just have to make a new batch by doing the blood dripping thing.  Then wait twenty-four hours and start writing again. You have to make sure you wear the piece for twenty-four hours though, because this is how the Golden Efreet will bond with your own energy to make the destiny you write out manifest in your real life!  You can take it off to shower and sleep, or to use the bathroom, that's not a big deal, just put it back on as soon as you're done.  You're going to love the powers in this piece, they are nothing short of amazing!  
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