No longer will your zipcode matter and yes you can be royal. This piece is not only a scrying mirror but also you make offering on it of cone incense. This gives you two things,money and a wealthy lover or marriage partner. The main thing with this piece is love and wealth. That is all it does.


You will look into it to see a future that you WANT,not one that a normal mirror would show you. You will make yur offering to what is called the spirit of destiny. You do this because as souls are made,created they get placed. As you were placed with your parents so was Prince Harry. As you see there is a great difference though,money vs no money. Often these types of people will also marry into a lower standard or to someone who has no money. This is all because of the circles we travel in,you don't get to meet those that have money. Now you will.


This is the only piece I have like this but what makes me like it is that even though a person is found for you you will not just be inbto money. Both of you will love each other as you should,nothing will be artificial. 


If your not looking for a soul mate this will just do the wealth you seek. This is also beautiful with Russian art. The supernatural magic in this piece more then pays for itself.

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