Yamal Ice Angels

I'm going to give you a lesson in linguistics real quick.  There is a Peninsula in Russia calledYamal.  If you take into account that the people who named the place Yamal were the Nenetspeoples.  In their language, Yamal can be translated as meaning, "the End of the the World."  Now, I know that there is technically not a real end to our world.  It is a sphere I get that, but I have often wondered what if the "End of the World," was something a little more significant that meaning the actual end of the world?  What if there was something that cause the Nenets to name this place the End of the World for a reason?  Well, there was a reason.  Read on.  

Half way through the year 2014, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the Earth opened up.  In the region of Yamal, a mysterious hole just opened up in the Earth.  So, they hired some scientists to go up to Yamal and mull over what could have happened.  The excuse that they came up with was that this hole was made because of global warming.  Specifically, they say that the hole was created by a mixture of gas, water, and salt that created an explosion.  The reason the water was supposedly present was because the ice caps are melting, blah, blah, blah.  If you ask me, it sounds like some neo-political agenda that was spouted off by someone who is trying to keep the truth subdued.  Either that or they are just too blind to see the actual truth.  Whatever the case it, we weren't buying it; so we decided to stage our own investigation.  This is one of the reasons why Deedee went to Russia this past year.  

I've said it once and I'll say it before.  In the End of Times, there will be one epic battle between Good and Evil.  Those who fight for the forces of Good will ultimately win.  Good always wins over evil.  However, to keep things at a balance, we need the evil to at least make an attempt-- you know, give them their chance to shine to keep Yin and Yang balanced.  So, Deedee went to Russian and while she was there she met up with Tomer, who you already know (or should already know) has great powers.  Deedee often calls upon him when she had a particularly tough challenge ahead of her.  When she first arrived to the scene, she said that all she could hear was a whistling sound like the sound running water coming deep from within.  

When Tomer got there, he was able to actually enter into the opening in the Earth.  Being human doesn't really allow us the most nimble reflexes, however Tomer has superhuman abilities, because he is an immortal vampiric being.  When he came back up, he laid his hand on Deedee's forehead, whereby she was able to see what he saw.  From her account, the images that were put into her head were than of a Crystal Eden.  In the Crystal Eden, angels are created and stored up until the final battle that will ensue.  God has been creating and depositing these angels into the Crystal Eden since the beginning of time.  Remember, he said he was the Alpha?  This means that he was there at the beginning of Time, when the world was created using the core powers at the center of the universe.  It has been since this time that he has been creating angels, storing them into many different realms.   One of these realms just happens to be on Earth, just happens to be in Russia and just happens to be in a region calledYamal-- the End of the World, to signify that when the appropriate time for this cavern to be opened is during the times that will be called the End of the World AKA the End of Times.  

The Nenets people must have been a spiritual people.  Then again they have also been on Earth for a very, very long time.  They were they ones who witness the sealing of the cavern.  The drilling and fracking on Yamal, for natural gas and oil is what causes the cavern to open.  You don't have to worry, it's not the time for these angels to make their ascension to Earth quite yet.  The cavern will eventually naturally close itself until the End of the Thousand Year Reign of Satan on Earth.  For proof, or just because we like to offer empowered items, we sent Tomerback down into the Crystal Eden.  From Deedee's account when Tomer laid his hands on her, she said the realm looked identical to the realm of Eden, except everything was entirely carved from Crystal, making the whole place look like it was carved from ice.  There were gates carved from crystal, and even a source of energy and magic that was the Tree of Knowledge carved out of crystal.  According to her, the crystal continues, that way God can use the energy that in in the growing crystal to carve more angels, which he then brings to live, by breathing life into them the same way he breathed life into Adam and Eve.  

We are calling this piece a summoner of the Ice Angels, because that was Deedee's first impression of them.  This piece will summon of of these Ice Angels.  It will bring the Ice Angel to you in its full form and it will appear to you as she encountered them in the Crystal Eden.  The angel will be beautiful and peaceful, completely translucent.  When it moves, it will catch the light and turn it into a array of beautiful rainbow colors.  It is really quite the experience.  I know, because I also tested this item myself.  The angel that appears to you will give you a psychic awakening as a means of communicating with you.  Then, it will whisper revelations of the end of times into your brain, that way you will be able to see the clues in the world around you.  It will fill your brain with the same holy knowledge that has been set into them, which is the knowledge of the Lord.  It will also give you a divine protection and allow you to perform the same white light alchemy and spells that the Ice Angels practice in their realm.  They may be at the End of the World, but for you, this is just the beginning of your stage of enlightenment.  This angel will allow you to see things you never thought imaginable and give you unadulterated white sorcery in its purest form!  You don't want to pass this one up.   

Yamal Ice Angels
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