Yonaguni Holographic Hall of Records

Yonaguni Holographic Hall of Records

Yonaguni is an island off of mainland Japan. It is part of the Yaeyama Islands, and is the furthest island west to be inhabited by the Japanese. It is the last of the RyuKyu Island Chain. Lying 67 miles off the coast of Taiwan, the island is situated between the East China Ocean and the Pacific Ocean Proper.

The island itself is small, measuring only about 11 square miles total. There are only about 1700 residents in three major towns. Do not let the size of this island fool you, however. This Island is very old and during the last Ice Age was actually connected to the mainland. The island is rich in its own cultural beliefs, those being heavily influence by Japanese culture, of course.

One of the most prominent aspects of the island, though, is that is does have its claim to fame. If not for this small factor, the island might be forgotten about altogether. The most interesting thing about the island and its claim to fame is that off the coast of the island, there are ancient ruins of an ancient city that existed long before the modern world.

The enigmatic city that exists off the coast of Japan, houses some very unusual architecture. The most striking of these architectural finds is an ancient pyramid, in the style of the Egyptians’ Pyramids of Giza. The find is relatively new, siting a discovery date of 1987, so the development of this ancient source of culture is still under way. In the meantime, the find is keeping archaeologists in a puzzled mess. Most would say that the structures, found deep in the ocean blue, are proof that there existed a long-gone ancient civilization, full of enlightenment and knowledge; how else would they be capable of such a feat as a pyramid of their own??

With this theory being stated, skeptics say that the formation is nearly a coincidence and that the so-called city is merely a natural rock formation—one giant coincidence. Haunted Curiosities says, “Horse Pucky.” We have gone rounds with some of the very best to assure that this find isn’t simply a natural habitat, crafted from millions of years of pressure, causing unnatural-looking shapes. While we aren’t specialists in scientific geology (other than alchemy) or carbon dating, we are experts in supernatural and paranormal phenomena. The latter area of expertise is how we can tell you, FOR A FACT, that there is indeed a lost city in the depths of the water off the coast of Japan.

Now, I really hate to bring it up, but I’m sure we all remember the devastating tsunami that altered Japans state-of-being in March of 2011. It was devastating and took its toll on many small villages and towns. It took the lives of many; however, the after effects of the tsunami also provided me with the piece that you see below.

The piece that you see below washed up on the shores of Yonaguni Island. Adita, an Asian correspondent of ours, happened to be in the area to help with a relief effort. She immediately was drawn to the piece, as this piece emanates a vibrant psychic vibe. The piece called out to her and led her on a long cat and mouse chase, but eventually she found the source of the psychic fury in her head. She inspected the item and immediately drew a connection with a superior being that was in the piece. She then sent the piece to headquarters, where we excitedly began work on the piece.

At first, it was difficult to extract the powers that were in this piece. The most difficult part was distinguishing a connection between the spirit in this piece and the lost city off the coast of Yonaguni. This piece correlates powers from the ancient pyramid in the depths of Japanese waters. The power in this piece will allow for astral projection into a holographic hall of records.

Once in the holographic hall of records, you will be given a special power that will give you the secrets of the world. This magic will pinpoint all sources of divinity and align your bodily realms to receive the divination of the ancients from this city of advanced humanoids that unfortunately have succumbed to the Ice Age.

You will receive a magic that will open your third eye and give, to you, abilities that you never knew you had before and you never thought were possible. These include out of body psychic hallucinations, astral travels, deep space trans-communication and many, many more. I used this piece to enter the Hall of Records twice. They are housed within the pyramid, and this magic is the only way to get in. The pyramid is more or less a time capsule that has been permanently sealed by the ancients of yesteryears. This piece unlocks a treasure cove of enlightenment and knowledge.

As I’ve state before, this piece holds the spirit of one of the ancients from the Lost City. This spirit will intermingle its existence with yours, allowing you to live above normal existence and understand with a deeper knowledge, the signs that life is giving us. This is how you will decipher what you see once you enter the Holographic Hall of Records found in the underwater pyramid in Japanese waters. I know this all seems confusing right now, but you should definitely give it a chance. You will not be disappointed!

Yonaguni Holographic Hall of Records
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