"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 10

We have a new collection of items that have been energized with abilities and powers that will bring forth practical inspiration for a happier life.<br /><br />


These have all recently been tested and work wonderfully! Many people have desires, needs, and wants and cannot seem to get past the obstacles to achieve them. <br /><br />


All of the pieces in this collection are from a Zen Spiritualist who has mastered the powers of the bodies resonation. <br /><br />


The mastery challenge to learn how to be in the zone of success is to be productive. This piece was invoked with spiritual adversaries that will implement upon your brain stem to help you create good habits, develop self discipline, master time-management, and experience a paradigm shift that will help you view the challenges in life as hurdles that you can easily leap over.<br /><br />


Motivation, focus, and being in the zone will be produced within you when you adorn this piece!<br /><br />

"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 10
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