"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 9

We have a new collection of items that have been energized with abilities and powers that will bring forth practical inspiration for a happier life.<br /><br />


These have all recently been tested and work wonderfully! Many people have desires, needs, and wants and cannot seem to get past the obstacles to achieve them. <br /><br />


All of the pieces in this collection are from a Zen Spiritualist who has mastered the powers of the bodies resonation. <br /><br />


This piece from the Spiritualist will help you to make decisions without straining over the "what if's."<br /><br />


You will be able to have silence in your head and turn off that inner voice that is always talking. This will allow YOU to make the choices, instead of the voice within that houses the componal advice of everyone you have encountered over the years.<br /><br />


Do not keep making mistakes because you do not follow your own feelings and thoughts -- this piece will empower you to feel the sensation and vibrancy in your gut; thus showing you how to react to things and how to make decisions about things~<br /><br />

"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 9
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