During his stay as the Cardinal of Venice, Luciani Albini, or Pope John Paul I butted heads with Vatican banker Paul Marcinkus.  The John Paul the I was one of the few people left with integrity and reverence to God and wanted to steer his people back in that direction.  He knew for a fact that Vatican had been overrun with Masons who had infiltrated the ranks at the Vatican.  John Paul I was somewhat of a sleuth and located a list of P2 Lodge Masons who had infiltrated the ranks by becoming Vatican officials.  He was determined to get them out.  Alas, you know the rest of that story... his chance never came.  He was assassinated by those that wanted to retain the power they had gained control over the Catholic Church through their money laundering and economic influence.  These included not only Masonic members, but also members of the Mafia and other covert groups.

The ultimate goal of all groups that had infiltrated the ranks was simple-- penetrate the Vatican Bank.  The Vatican Bank, known more properly as the Institute for Works of Religion, is a financial institution located within the Vatican that handles funds used for charitable and religious works-- or so we are told.  The Vatican Banks controls all expenses in and out of the Vatican. They monitor all proceedings and monetary gains of the Catholic Church and oversee how it is spent.  Last year the Vatican brought in over $380 Million.  This is quite a substantial amount of money; however, this is not what the infiltrators are after.  Rather, there is a vault in the Vatican Bank where secret sacred relics are kept.  They contain religious, white light wealth powers.  To get your hands on one of these items is like winning the lottery over and over and over again.  There are no limitations on what these pieces will do and to how much wealth they will eventually bank for the Catholic Church who controls all of these powers that are in these pieces.

It may seem near impossible, by the way, but we actually have one of the pieces that was originally located in the Vatican Bank Vault.  Through scandalous affairs items have surface from the vault over the years and we were just lucky enough to obtain such a piece that contains such a deep rooted religious wealth power.  This piece summons the presence of the archangel Sachiel.  He is the angel that is invoked to bring humans money and material wealth.  His wealth powers are given to him directly by God, so the power in this piece is of the highest magnitude and very few, if any rivals.  However, this piece doubles as a spiritual wealth item to, as it will duplicate whatever wealth you amass here on Earth into riches of Heaven that will be ready and awaiting your arrival in Heaven.  It is said in the Bible that storing up treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven is more important than the wealth of this world-- which makes sense because this world is temporary, Heaven is permanent.  This piece helps you have your cake and eat it too!  Use the super wealth attraction powers in this piece to amass wealth on Earth that will be mirrored in Heaven! 

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