collective science/n*

We have gained a very special item used by a group of psychics to communicate with one another across huge distances. The members of this small group of psychics has been operating since the late 1960's and have only recently disbanded, leaving a variety of their tools and writings up for sale across the globe. Each of the members was said to possess a piece of jewelry forged from a single metallic ore enchanted by all of the members collectively. Upon wearing the item, the member was able to access a psychic forum only available to those wearing a piece of the identical jewelry. In a way, they were all able to "log into" a mental chatroom available only to those members of the psychic clan. Although we are unaware of the whereabouts of the other pieces of jewelry, we have conducted conversations with others on the channel, their identities unknown. The fact that others have versions of this item is true, the mystery resides in locating the others and identifying them.This is a most unusual item. Some of the members are able to telpathically transfer to you other abilities they have picked up. One being a new advancement coming from the God particle.
collective science/n*
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