Haunted Wedding Dress

At the historic Baker Mansion in Altoona, Pa., there lives a wedding dress that sits in a display case and moves all by itself~!

The story goes something like this: In the mid-1800s, Anna Baker got engaged to one of her father’s employees. She bought her wedding dress and was secretly making preparations when her father caught on, fired the man and had him sent away.She never married and the dress went unused.

When the Blair County Historical Society bought the mansion, they found the dress, and displayed it under glass. Apparently Anna thought she would finally get some use out of the dress, because ever since then, it’s been moving and swaying of its own accord from behind the glass. The Historical Society pooh-poohed it, saying that some of the floorboards under the display case were loose, so when people came near the case would be slightly disturbed, making the gown appear to move. But at least one story says that the Society caught it moving on its security cameras when no one else was in the room, and that’s why it’s no longer on display at the Baker Mansion.

Parts of this necklace, bearing gorgeous glass beads was to accompany the wedding dress, and was placed on display at the neckline of the dress. After taking the dress off of display it was sold off, and so was the beaded necklace. The glass beads were re-stranded and some more modern elements now accompany the piece, as it was then placed in a vintage store for sale.

While on our way back from a service, we stopped at the small vintage store and saw the necklace. The piece glistened in the display case and the worker showed us a letter from the head of the Historical Society indicating the authenticity of some of the beads. The letter meant more when the necklace remained in its original state, but being re-done with a modern flair took away value, but did not take away the power that lives within it!

Anna Bakers spirit is entangled within this piece and lives on to forecast love and glorification of marriage to the one who has this in their presence. She was forbidden to marry by her father, and wants to impart her life long dream and help make it sincere and hopeful for another. She will help you through mind manipualtion to help convince others of your love, if you are having a similar situation with family members being happy for you!

Anna will also utilize her emotions, from her broken heart, to transpire pure joy into you... as she does not want anyone to feel, or go through life lonely the way that she did!

If you are having issues with others accepting your relationship, or you have no relationship and are lonely, then you need this piece!

Anna will bestow her gracious gift of endurance to make sure you have a loving relationship and can be married to spite what others at this moment may feel~!

This will make sure that by following your heart, you will not hiner any other relationships with family, or friends!

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